Big Brother: All-Stars Wrap Up with Runner Up Enzo Palumbo

big brother all stars Enzo Palumbo exit interview

The TV Watercooler had an opportunity to speak with the winner, runner-up, and America’s Favourite Houseguest following the Big Brother: All-Stars season finale last week. 

In our interview with runner-up Enzo Palumbo, we discuss if he had any doubts that Cody would bring him to the final two, his pre-game strategy, and which moment he’d like to watch from his time in the house.

Did you have any doubts that Cody wouldn’t have kept his word to bring you to the final two?

I felt like he was going to take me. I knew Nicole wasn’t going to take me! He was my only chance of getting to the final two. I put all my eggs into that one basket with him. I felt that he was going to take me. My plan worked out. I just felt that at the end, I was with a comp beast! 

The only thing that had bothered me was the 9-0 vote. I didn’t like that. That didn’t sit well with me. I thought that I had deserved at least, minimum, two votes. I played a flawless game, too. In a different fashion. It is what it is.

Who were you hoping to get a vote from?

I should have been more direct in my goodbye messages. That’s where I think I went wrong. I should have owned what I was doing. Specified what I was doing. Just so they knew where I was at. I think I came off a little fake in those goodbyes. That hurt me. 

I think that could have swayed two votes. Just anybody. Maybe Tyler? Like whoever Cody did wrong that I didn’t do wrong. It was an All-Stars season, and nobody wanted to be bitter, I guess. They just wanted to give it to Cody. From the start, he was a target but was never on the block. He had a lot on his resume, but I think I still deserved vote or two.

Nicole was quite bitter, but she still voted for Cody. Had Cody cut you, how would you have voted? 

I love Cody, that’s my guy, but if you cut me, you ain’t getting my vote! That’s it. I would have been bitter this time, I would have been petty. That’s what I would have been. To be third place again, nah man. She’s one her money, she’s been there before… You gotta take me, man. That’s the way I would have played it. Although Cody deserved it over her, I would have given it to Nicole. I would have been upset.

What was your pre-game strategy?

I wanted to win stuff early. I wanted to win an HOH early just so I could use that for leverage, negotiate and make deals so that I could intimidate people. “Enzo is playing different! He couldn’t win stuff on his first season but he’s winning stuff now.” It worked, man! People wanted to align themselves with me. They loved me. I was never a target. They were scared of me because I was winning things.

All I wanted to do was to just win some competitions in the beginning. I’m going to have the social game – I’m going to do that. That’s easy for me to do. Winning the comps was hard for me. I put myself in a great position where I didn’t have to win anything. I got to the game again. Whether anyone likes it or not, I get results. 

There’s some haters out there! “Oh, he promised big moves!” Trust me, the moves I made were big for me. The moves I made were for me. Everything I do, I do for me. 

It’s easy for someone to say that behind a keyboard. No one knows what it’s really like unless you’ve been in that house.

Yes! But, I’ll accept criticism. It’s their right to do that. But again, you can’t deny the fact that I was sitting in those seats in the final game.

Who do you wish you could have worked with that you didn’t get a chance to?

I really wish that Bayleigh would have stayed longer. I really think that me and her would have done some damage together. We had a really good bond and I did like her a lot. I wanted her to stay and if she did, I think she would have been loyal to me. I definitely wanted to work with her a little more.

This season was crazy. There were like 18 alliances. Everyone was in a alliance with everyone at some point. I think the scheming got out of hand because people had played this game either three or two times. I played with everybody this season. 

I wanted to play with Ian a little more too. I don’t think he trusted me. He wouldn’t tell me anything! 

Is there a moment you’d love to watch from your time in the house?

I guess I want to see the part where I was talking about Cody and Christmas in the HOH. A lot of people have told me it’s funny. I’m getting ready for the POV comp when we were the final four, and I was talking to Moo-Lawn Boujee about it. I want to see that!

The burning question that everyone has right now is about your stalker. Has your foot stalker reached out to you?

I don’t know what it is, but I can’t get on Twitter! I deactivated, re-activated but I guess I have to Google it and find out how to do it! I want to see if I have a whole clan of foot stalkers now! Once they see that one stalks, then they’ll all come out of the woodwork and start stalking too. 

I do want to see if she has reached out because my feet were on national TV! She got to see them! Maybe she’ll leave me alone now? I don’t know. 

Those are second-runner-up feet. So, congratulations for that!

Yes, thank you, man. Thank you, so much! 

Big Brother Canada returns for season 9 in early 2021 on Global. Big Brother will return for season 23 next summer on CBS and Global.


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