Big Brother Exit Interview: Travis Long

travis long big brother exit interview
travis long big brother exit interview

Big Brother is back for its 23rd season! We caught up with this season’s first evicted houseguest, Travis Long, to find out his thoughts on Frenchie’s reign as HOH, a prank that viewers haven’t had a chance to see yet, and his thoughts on the vote not being unanimous.

With Brent having the best odds of winning Big Brother 23 at this point, according to Sports Betting Dime, we ask this week’s evicted houseguest who he thinks has a clear shot after spending a week inside the house with these players.

You’re a self-described prankster, are there any pranks that you managed to pull off in the house that we might not have seen this first week?

[Laughs] Yeah, there was one… We split into prank teams, and I was rocking with Claire. I love that you asked this question because I’m sure that none of the ones I pulled off made it [to air]. They give a box of condoms in the house and naturally we go and take like 2 packs of 15 and open them up. We put mayonnaise in some, lotion in others. Classic high school antics. We spread them around peoples’ beds…under their pillows. If we didn’t toss a rubber in someone’s bed, we planted the actual packaging in other people’s beds.

That kind of blew up. Frenchie actually got really pissed. “Hey! I have a wife. If she were to see this, it wouldn’t be cool!” Give us a break! You’re on live feeds 24/7. Obviously, nothing too crazy is going on in your bed! Overall, it was well-received. People started spreading rumours when they first saw them scattered in the trash in the bathroom. It went well. It was pretty hilarious!

That is hilarious. I’m glad that you’ve brought Frenchie up. Could he take a joke?

Umm, to be honest, not so much! Someone also joked and called him a hillbilly or a hick at some point and he was very pressed about it. He was very butt-hurt. “No one should call me that!”

I guess we were raised differently. I could literally take anything like that. Who cares? It’s your life. It’s not serious.

Frenchie was making a lot of promises for safety right away. Including with you. That didn’t work out well. What are your thoughts on his reign as HOH after those broken promises?

Right yeah, it was a total shitshow. It was a smorgasbord of random promises that he didn’t keep or won’t keep for the longevity of the game because you can’t make empty promises to every single person in the house that they are safe. He went as far to tell me, randomly and for no particular reason, that he promised Claire on his children that she would not be going home during his Head of Household-ship. So, then I was like, what the hell, I was dumbfounded as to why he would do that. So, then I went to Claire, and she said that he never did that! “I don’t think he did!” But he was telling other people he did. It’s just these really random web of lies that he’s spinning himself into and I think it’s going to crash and burn pretty hard.

The only thing I do think he has going for him is this “dad position,” where at least the younger people see him as this father figure of the house. But I think his web of lies is going to get him caught and it’s not going to keep him in there for too long.

A father figure at only 34?

Compared to 21-year-old Hannah and some of the other 22, 23, and 24-year-olds in the house who seem pretty juvenile. He has three kids and is a farmer. He has a deep voice and a lot of tattoos. If not a father figure, then more so an authoritative figure at the least.

Can you walk us through what went down right before the eviction?

I had two channels of forward movement to torch Frenchie’s game. I could have said it in my eviction speech to everybody right there and sent them to the moon or I could give it as an “ace in the pocket” to some of my confidants who could then use it when they wanted or when it would be best productive for them to do so. I ended up with the latter choice because I’m not a vengeful person. I would have rather go out on a whimsical shirtless joke that I ended up doing, more so than just torching someone like that in front of everybody and seeming bitter about it.

It worked pretty well in that people were surprised but understanding. Now they had some tangible evidence that he’s not the transparent and honest guy that he says he is. My legacy will live on through them when that info finally does get dropped for their benefit, whenever that may be.

I told people individually. I told Kyland and my teammates, Tiffany and Claire. I also told Derek X. and Brent.

We are used to having the house vote unanimously in recent seasons, especially at the beginning. But for you, it wasn’t the case. It was refreshing to see this not happen this week. What can you tell us about the type of houseguests we have this season? Were you surprised that not everyone went with what the HOH wanted?

I think this is the most diverse cast I’ve ever seen. There are many different backgrounds and cultures coming together like this. It’s a marvelous thing. Especially with so much charisma and “Type A” personality infused in the people that were cast. That breathes a lot of personal intentionalities that people have despite having been placed into teams and despite the early structures of alliances that are forming. People still have their own personal objectives. Maybe it ended up being the need to choose chaos and have people wonder who voted for who and the ability to lie about that. Maybe it ended up being more so from a personal connection that I developed with them?

Either way, it’s hilarious to me that it wasn’t unanimous like I thought it would be. Shout to Tiffany and Derek F – which was a wild card for me as I didn’t have a single conversation with him. That makes my assumption lean towards that maybe he just wanted to infuse a little chaos inside the house and blame it on someone else!

Which is something we’d all look forward to seeing! Based on the time you’ve spent in the house, is there someone you feel does have a clear shot at winning this game?

I wouldn’t say a clear shot by any means. It was only week one. True personalities will come out and flares will arise. But, at this point, I’ll go with my main man Kyland. He is really well-spoken, intelligent, and has one hell of a social game. I think that he is well-positioned right now where the preschool antics fly and the girls end up aligning with the girls, and the guys go with the guys, he is the only person right now who would have an ear and the ability to transfer knowledge between both. I don’t think anyone else has played well enough of a social game on both sides in that aspect to execute on something like that except for Ky.

Do you have any inkling on who Kyland would go after?

I have an inkling of an idea that just because Christian was a huge target for Frenchie to go after, Ky could bring that up as evidence to go after Christian without getting a ton of blood on his hands there. Christian is a more handsome version of me! The surfer’s curse! If that holds up, he’ll be out of there just because of that. He’s also a hell of a competitor!

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