Big Brother Exit Interview: Whitney Williams

whitney big brother exit interview

Whitney Williams is the fourth houseguest to be evicted this season on Big Brother. We caught up with Whitney following her eviction to find out when she realized she was going home, which members of the Royal Flush alliance will get turned on first and which houseguest is the least deserving to win.

How confident were you that you were going home and when did you realize that you wouldn’t have the votes to stay?

You could tell based on my apparel compared to everyone else in the room that I knew I was going home. It was pretty evident based on the way that people were acting towards me and the way that they were talking to each other without me. Alyssa was borrowing Hannah’s clothing, which wouldn’t be happening if Hannah was going home! There were just a lot of signs telling me I was going home. I worked really hard to stay though! I thought my pitches were going to work.

Right, and there was also that incident with Derek X. Did anyone at least try to let you know properly on how the vote was going to go?

Nobody told me properly, but I did have a moment talking to X [Xavier] where I was like “Do you know what’s going on? Is it me?” He wouldn’t tell me necessarily [what was going on], but I could tell by the way he was interacting with me that he knew. Nobody straight up told me.

 How understanding were you that the house voted together? Did anyone’s vote sting?

I don’t think that any vote stung because it’s very apparent this season that people don’t make up their own minds. They are a lot happier to go with the entire house instead of making their own decisions, so when I saw that it was ten to zero, I was like “Yeah, go figure.”

It was incredibly frustrating because as a fan of the show, I hate seeing that. I was in the house to hopefully make some big moves. I really wanted to put up some really big players to go home. So, seeing that happen was really disheartening. I thought that I could potentially have Britni’s and Derek F.’s votes, but I also know that they were very scared to go “against the house.” I wasn’t really surprised!

But were you surprised that Sarah Beth actually tried to keep you?

Yes! That was the most shocking thing of the night for me because out of everyone in the house, she’s the person with who I didn’t have the opportunity to connect with yet. I knew that she was a wonderful person, but we talked the least out of the entire house. It was very shocking to learn that she was working very hard to keep me! But it makes me love her even more. But I don’t know why!

Speaking of surprises, what were you most surprised to find out about during your time with Julie following your eviction? Was it finding out about the Royal Flush alliance or Azah’s crush on X?

[Laughs] Azah’s crush on X was in no way surprising… It’s X! I feel that if she didn’t have a crush on Z, I would be a lot more surprised. I feel like a lot of people in America most likely does and hopefully, Canada also has a crush on X.

I was surprised about the size of the Royal Flush. I could see a lot of them working together and I could see it happening, but the fact that it was an 8-person alliance and not a 6-person alliance, which I assumed, was shocking.

Knowing the people in that alliance, who do you think will get turned on first?

I really hope that it’s Christian or Derek X. Because I do feel a little bit betrayed by them.

Who do you think benefitted the most from the Teams twist?

I think that Sarah Beth really benefitted from the Teams twist. She was with three incredibly socially strong people and are very tough competitors who aren’t afraid to talk about what they want in the game.

I feel that she has a very high potential to win now, but if we didn’t have the Teams twist in the beginning and the fact that she was such an underrated player, she could have potentially been a target and now she’s been kept safe long enough to show her cards more.

Who are you rooting for?

I am rooting for Sarah Beth and X! I love them both as people and I hope that one of them wins.

Which houseguest do you think is the least deserving to win?

Unfortunately, I think Alyssa. I think that Alyssa is using her flirtatious nature to get a little e bit further in the game. I think she obviously is a great person, but I think that she’s benefitting from the people around her the most.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global and CBS.


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