It Happened Last Night: Golden Globes, an Angry Tommy and a Disobediant Juanita!


The Golden Globes happened last night. Check out for full coverage. Here’s a review of the awards, Best and Worst Moments and the Fashion.

The first part of the 24 premiere aired last night. Check out the 24 preview post here.

So that covers NBC and FOX…over at ABC, it was the regular schedule. Tommy was up to no good again this week on Brothers & Sisters. Getting Holly out of the family company seems to be a good storyline but I’m worried that Tommy will end up going to jail for this and they’ll write Balthazar Getty out of the show. Regardless of what’s going on in his personal life, Getty should remain on the canvas. This is a show about all the siblings, not just Sisters & 2/3 of the Brothers. Justin got to move out. Kevin is fully recovered and his annoying husband was nowhere to be found! Kitty/Sarah had some spat about money and of course Nora got involved. Kitty did a reading of her book and of course only Nora showed up!

Carlos went back to work and little Juanita Solis was not handling it very well. She acted up and had temper tantrums all hour. Gaby had to get some big black man off the street to scare her kids into cleaning up their toys. She should have called Kevin Walker! Is it me or did the younger Solis kid plump up over the holidays? What’s that kid’s name again? Whatevs…the drama is usually all about Juanita anyway. Parker/Porter/Preston…I get confused, so whatever kid was accused of setting fire to the bar ran off before the holiday break and his twin had to switch places with him. So the “Runway Twin” was hiding out with his granny/Lynette’s mom. Lynette had a brilliant idea where she fakes a car accident to force the kid out of hiding. His twin got to stop covering for him before the court hearing and like magic, all charges were dropped. Happy they’ve decided to drop that story. Bree’s soon-to-be-son-in-law caused some little drama but all I can remember is that Bree and Orson take turns when it comes to who will be on top. Edie’s wacko husband was still up to no good, hating on Mike and all. Dude and Spencer Pratt sorta have the same blonde facial hair. That older chic played some mind games with Mike, it ended with him asking her not to move away. Edie and Susan were trapped in a basement with old magazines and pickles. Susan exposed her dating history, which began when she was fourteen. Edie made Susan cry when she talked about her no-good-cheat of a father and horse figuring collection. Susan dumped Jackson via telephone because Gale Howard is still recovering from his accident…I wonder if it’s really his voice? They do credit him for the episode, so I’m hoping he calls in. Lily Tomlin got fed up with her story and just left. I might do the same.


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