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— I decided to check out The Amazing Race for the first time this past Sunday because this round features Big Brother 11 couple Jeff & Jordan. Sure, the duo aren’t exactly the smartest but every BB11 fan knows that these two can win competitions, so maybe them winning the first round shouldn’t come across as such a surprise?

Anyway, the pair certainly isn’t the “dumbest” of the bunch, CBS has allowed former Miss Teen South Caroline Caite Upton (yes, the “such as” retard). How funny is it that the other Jordan knows her infamous speech by heart? The dumbest move of the night has to belong to the Cowboys who knew they were going to Chile but exchanged Brazilian currency.

— The CW has renewed Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, 90210 and America’s Next Top Model for next season. No word yet on Smallville, Melrose Place, Life Unexpected and One Tree Hill.

Life Unexpected’s executive producer Liz Tigelaar told TV Guide that they’re planning on doing a cliffhanger for the season finale, despite knowing whether or not they’ll be back for a second season. “We go out big. It’s not going to be like, ‘Come back to find out what happened,’ but it will be like ‘Oh my God, that happened. It definitely launches us into next season with a lot of conflict, complications and obstacles” says Tigelaar.

— Production of 24 has been halted this week so that Kiefer Sutherland can undergo surgery after a cyst near his kidney ruptured last week. I’m sure he’ll be back in action within an hour.

— Looks like Brody Jenner has moved on with another canuck…please don’t let Avril Lavigne appear on The Hills.

Stephen Martines is headed to Vampire Diaries as a new vampire named Frederick. Soap fans will remember Martines (who also used to go by Coltin Scott) as Nikolas #2 on General Hospital (1999-2003) and as Tony on Guiding Light (2003-2005).

Entertainment Tonight aired a new promo for Glee’s Madonna episode…is it April yet?!


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