Soap Spoilers: Brenda and Sonny meet in Rome on GH, Y&R’s The Real Homewreckers of Genoa City Plus: Sami shoots EJ on DAYS


Ryan and Madison share a kiss. David wants to know what’s upsetting Madison and later considers destroying the evidence he has against Greenlee. Scott and JR argue. Caleb asks Krystal to attend Palmer’s party with him. Marissa and JR break the news to AJ about their divorce. Angie has another visual disorientation attack. Miranda is rushed to the hospital. Greenlee finds the key that Liza gave to David. Ryan and Greenlee map out their plan. Angie wonders if her blindness has become permanent. Tad is surprised to hear Krystal is going to Palmer’s party with Caleb. David and Greenlee attempt to outwit each other. Asher asks JR for a job. David reveals to Greenlee that he overheard her plotting with Ryan. David collapses during the mayor’s speech.
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Alison finds something in Casey’s room that leads to a discussion of their future. Reid’s mysterious patient is finally revealed. A private burial is held for Nancy. The Hughes family and those close to Nancy honor her memory. Against doctor’s orders, Chris pushes his body to the limit. Noah finds it hard to digest that he and Luke will remain friends. Bob and Kim are stunned at Chris’ downward spiral. Henry gives Katie some words of wisdom after a visit to Brad’s grave site. Reid’s heroism yields devastating results.

Stephanie and Ridge realize that Liam may have sincere intentions in his search for his father. Hope supports Liam in his quest for the truth. Ridge must deal with the fallout of his decision regarding Forrester Creations. Thorn and Bill submit their DNA for Liam’s paternity test. Liam learns he must deal with the consequences of his quest. Steffy and Oliver make hard decisions about their relationship and his employment. Liam’s search for his father makes Hope think about her own dad. Stephanie confronts Jackie after learning the truth about Owen fathering Bridget’s baby. Amber succeeds in making Aggie jealous. Owen delivers Bridget’s baby in the Big Bear cabin. Ridge gives Brooke the best present ever during a romantic dinner.
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Stefano and Kate swear to Will that they were not involved in EJs plans. Caroline gives Arianna a lecture about family. Sami and Rafe make love. Nicole moves in with Daniel and Chloe. EJ tries to kill Nicole until Daniel arrives. Kate worries about EJs next move. Sami shoots EJ. Victor calls Stefano on an infraction on their truce. Bo tries to explain Hope’s situation to Ciara. Maggie confronts Brady about his drinking. Rafe proposes to Sami and she says yes. Kate and Stefano rush EJ to the hospital.
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Sonny jumps bail and heads to Rome. Lulu confronts Carly about paying Brook Lynn to seduce Dante. Lisa tries to incriminate Robin and tells Lucky that Robin tried to kill her. Dante learns about Sonny’s betrayal. Carly’s confession shocks Lulu. Lucky, Jason and Sam are caught in a fire. Tracy busts Brook Lynn when she attempts to steal from Edward’s bank account. Robin tells Nik that he did the right thing in letting Liz go. Suzanne encourages Brenda to visit Port Charles. Brook Lynn moves in with Nik. Johnny offers Lucky a job. Sam questions Jason about Brenda and he insists that she’s the only woman he loves. Brenda and Sonny see each other, just as she’s about to be attacked.
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John, Kelly and Rex figure out that Ross is alive. Cristian and Layla are offered opportunities that could separate them. Ford and James declare a truce. Starr and Langston sign up for a writing class and learn that Ford will be their teacher. Blair points a gun at Eli. Starr learns that her mother is in danger. Marty visits Hannah. Eli and Blair wrestle for a gun. John takes off in search of Eli and Blair. Jessica makes excuses when Viki finds her at the hospital. Kelly and Rex grow closer. Starr tells Todd that she’s going to arrange a memorial service for Tea. Natalie worries John will figure out that the baby isn’t his.

Nikki has another drink. Victor reacts to Billy’s tattoo. Abby makes an accusation. Nikki has an upsetting dream. Billy and Victoria move into their new home. At the Jabot spa opening, the women of Genoa City find out about Phyllis’ new blog, “The Real Homewreackers of Genoa City.” Chance tries to bring down the drug ring. Jana gets a new job. Abby goes to war with Victor. John appears to Billy and gives him some advice. JT agrees to spy on Newman. Billy tries to interpret Victoria’s silence. Chloe comes clean.
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