Soap Spoilers: Jake’s hit by a car on General Hospital, EJ kisses Taylor on DAYS, Sharon’s in danger on Y&R and more


Angie decides to extend her maternity leave so that she can spend more time with the baby. Jake and Amanda are asked to be the baby’s godparents. Greenlee lets Ryan believe that she didn’t know about Madison’s baby’s paternity. Annie mugs a man in the park. JR calms Annie before she is taken to Oak Haven. Emma manages to escape from Annie. Ryan finds Emma hiding in the park. Eric suggests that Caleb get closer to Asher by befriending Colby. The new maid strikes up a friendship with Colby. Liza causes a scene. Amanda accepts JR’s job offer. Ricky digs for information about Griffin. Diana learns that Griffin wants to meet her. Krystal wonders if Tad is prepared to pay the price for marrying Cara.
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Brooke is angered by Stephanie’s actions. Thomas blames Taylor for his problems. Stephanie and Taylor complain to Ridge about Brook. Ridge shuts down Taboo. Thomas refuses to obey Ridge. Thomas and Dayzee share a kiss. The Bold and the Beautiful is pre-empted on Thursday and Friday due to CBS’s coverage of the NCAA championship.
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Adrienne tells Jennifer about Justin’s proposal. Gabi learns the identity of the thief. EJ tells Stefano that Rafe needs to be moved from the basement. Sami shares her concerns with Brady. Melanie catches a thief. Brady and Melanie share a moment. Kate becomes suspicious. Sexual tension builds between EJ and Taylor. Daniel tells Chloe that he’s filing for divorce. Melanie seeks revenge on Dario. Abigail has a difficult time processing Jennifer’s decision. EJ kisses Taylor. Taylor slaps EJ. Daniel gives Sami advice. Fake Rafe looses his cool with Sami. Adrienne and Justin plan their wedding.
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Sonny surprises Brenda with honeymoon plans. Brenda dreams about the baby she lost. Dante busts Michael. Jason finds out that Jonny was responsible for the car bomb. Johnny urges Lisa to let Patrick go. Robin and Lisa find themselves in a “treasure hunt” race to find the syringe. Robin asks Carly for access to her home so she can search for clues. Jake is severely injured after a hit and run. Elizabeth, Lucky, Siobhan, Luke and Jason rush to the hospital. Patrick and Robin but things aside so that they can work together to save Jake’s life. Carly and Jax find out that Josslyn has kidney cancer.

Loved ones gather around Todd as he clings to life. John and Brody realize that the shooter was hurt. A custody hearing for Ryder is scheduled. Chalie can’t stay away from Echo. Langston ends things with Ford when she finds out that he intends to remain married to Tess. Dorian makes plans with Cutter. Rama turns to Aubrey for help, but finds Joey home alone. Nora shares her suspicions about Clint with Viki. Clint appreciates Alex’s help with David. Bo arrests Clint. David begs Bo for help. Blair encourages Tea not to give up hope. Blair almost walks in on Tomas while he’s tending to his gunshot wound. Jack’s bullying of Shane escalates.

Nikki succumbs to alcohol. Kyle and Victor bond. Chance celebrates his birthday. Sharon doesn’t give up on Adam. Doris worries about her grandchildren. Deacon tries to connect with Nikki. Lily continues to be haunted by Cane. Jana decides to look for Daisy’s baby. Chance gets a chilling message. Sharon is in a dangerous situation. The Young and the Restless is pre-empted on Thursday and Friday due to CBS’s coverage of the NCAA championship.
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