Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Paul Jackson

big brother canada paul

big brother canada paul

Paul Jackson, the 43-year-old consultant and motivational speaker, from Toronto, Ontario was the latest evicted houseguest to be evicted from Big Brother Canada. Paul spoke with The TV Watercooler the morning after his eviction to discuss Andrew’s racial comments, if he regrets winning the first head of household competition and how Rachelle’s current reign as HoH could affect the game.

As a fan of the show, it must have been such a surreal experience for you to be in that house.

I’ve been watching the show since the beginning of the American series, so I’ve been a fan forever! To be on the show that I love so much, was just so surreal. You couldn’t describe it any better than that.

How easy is it for a houseguest to get comfortable in the house? Could there be a point where one can forget that cameras are rolling 24/7?

I think that it’s smart to be aware that they rolling because everything you say and do has consequences and reactions.

As a fan of the American series, you saw the controversy last summer with the racist comments that were being made, yet you labeled Andrew has a racist, which you then said was an exaggeration. That’s a dangerous claim to make.

Hopefully I’ll have time to explain this a little more in detail… Sometimes what happens is that when people make derogatory statements about races or sexes, you almost wonder at what point do you give them that title. Andrew made some really bad comments in the house. I wouldn’t call him a racist, but he definitely needs to watch what he says when so many people are watching the show.

When we were all sitting down in the living room area and Ika said something and he looked at her and said, “Well, the black came out of you at that point.” Ika then looked at him strangely and looked at Rachelle like, “What the hell did he just say?

Andrew saw that reaction and then caught me staring at him. He then said, “You know what I mean. The urban just came out of you.” So, I was just looking at this dude and going, “Did you really just say that the black came out of her?” That is just such a racist thing to say. This was the first or second night we were there, so people don’t really know you at this point, yet you are saying something like that.

He continued to make comments like that. I’m not the kind of person who will sit by and watch that. I’ll give you your due when I’ve heard enough. I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, in a very trepidatious time.  I think Andrew knew that I was going to challenge him, so he stayed away from me.

Did you feel the need or even want to make peace with Andrew?

The more you get to know Andrew, the more you can appreciate the guy. He doesn’t lie about who he is. What you see is what you get, and I can appreciate that about Andrew. I respect him for that. He was a  jerk coming into the house and would tell people, “I’m the jerk. I’m the asshole.” People know that about him. So when he made that statement [about Ika], he thought he was okay to do it, because that’s what he wants. He’s playing that role, unlike the other people who played up being innocent, but really weren’t.

You won the first HoH. A lot of Big Brother players never want to win the first HoH. Do you regret winning?

Absolutely not. If you go through life regretting things, then you’ll always be second guessing yourself. My motto in life is that you go with the flow, whatever the situation is. At that point in time, it was the smartest move for me because I was the oldest guy and people looked at me as the guy who probably wasn’t much fun in the house. There was a shcnace they could have voted me out that first week. So, I at least guaranteed myself two weeks and I know that I got myself an HoH.

Ika originally told Heather that she was going up on the block as the pawn and then the house was almost split with the votes as the girls decided to turn on Heather. Were you surprised by that turn of events?

I was surprised! When we all fought so hard for that PoV and Ika got it, I thought she was going to put Andrew up next to me and that would have been an interesting vote. But the fact that she kept nominations the same, and explained to me that Heather was going home because the girls’ alliance was voting her way, dude, at that point, I felt excited! But you know that the hardest thing was? Having Ika and Adel work for me and not being able to campaign [for myself].

Do you see more tension in the house now that Heather is staying?

Wow, if anyone went home with a bang, I sure did. I split the house right in half. I think that everybody is going to be suspicious as to who is playing whom. Especially with Sarah’s vote. It’s going to be interesting to see if Sarah confesses that she went against the girls.

paul jackson bbcan2

You mentioned in your eviction speech that if voted out, someone is going to have to replace you on the block each week. Who do you think that person is going to be?

I think that it’s going to be Ika because she has literally killed off the only other person who would have backed her up in the house. The only reason why Adel is safe is because he’s playing that card he has, which I think is only good for two weeks. I think that Ika going on the block this upcoming week and then Adel, unless he uses the card.

I think that those are the two major targets right now. But, Heather’s got to watch out because she already has four votes against her, she’s probably on her way out as well.

What should Adel do to keep himself in this game?

Adel’s going to have to stick with the females. He’s already burned his bridges with the guys. Andrew is gunning for him. There’s no trust from Kenny either. I think that as along as he stays with the females, he should be fine. But, he has got to look out for Sabrina. She wants his head on a plate! She does not trust him.

Rachelle won HoH last night. What kind of HoH do you think she’ll be?

Dude! I did not know that! Wow. That’s interesting. Oh my god! You know what this means, right? If she’s smart, she’ll go after the big boys. I think that this way, Rachelle can actually change up the game. She hasn’t been playing much, she’s kind of been walking around the house like a zombie. No offense, but nothing comes out of this girl. Rachelle has got to be smart about this. Now is the time to react. Put up Andrew and Kenny. Get rid of the big boys now, because you don’t stand a chance against them for the rest of game.

Wow, dude…that’s insane [that she won].

Based on these few weeks, who do you think has played the best games o far? Who do you see winning this game?

Rachelle winning HoH really changes things for me. I was originally running with Arlie [to win]. But if Adel can take advantage of Rachelle winning HOH, and they get rid of one of the strong boys, Adel may have a chance in this. But then again, there are too many people gunning after him. I’m going to stick with Arlie for now.

Big Brother Canada airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. ET, The Big Brother Canada Side Show airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET and Big Brother Canada After Dark airs nightly from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. ET on Slice. Viewers can watch live feeds of the house at

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