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Big Brother Exit Interview: Dan Szabo

dan szabo big brother canada exit interview
dan szabo big brother canada exit interview

Dan Szabo, the 28-year-old DJ from Niagara Falls, Ontario, was the latest houseguest to be evicted on Big Brother Canada, becoming the first member of this season’s jury. We caught up with Dan following his eviction to chat about who he thinks controlled his HOH, put him up and who he wishes he would have worked with.

Had you survived the block (and Claudia went home instead), what would have been your plan of action? Who would you have targeted?

I probably would have targeted Santina and Hope.

I believe Santina put me on the block and I’ve had trouble connecting with her in the house, so Santina would be my first target in terms of who I would have wanted to send home.

Is there anyone that you wish you could have played with?

You know, looking back, I wish things went a little differently with Rob. I know that I backdoored him and he ended up going home, but I think in a different scenario, I would have liked to see him stay and I would have liked to work with him.

How do you feel about your time as HOH? Do you think anyone contributed or influenced your decisions during that time?

100%! Zach pretty much steamrolled by HOH. I think at the time, I was thinking he was looking out for what was best for me and him.

Looking back, I think he was more so looking out for himself, but he’s good with words and he’s a master of the mind. I think he really just took over the reins and kind of made me believe what he wanted and made me do what he wanted, essentially.

How did it feel when Zach said you, he, and Ty would walk out of the house? How much did you know about Hope’s letter? How did you feel about Zach’s actions during that time?

So, I didn’t know about the letter until 5 minutes before, or like right when they told me – we were sitting at the dining room table. That’s when I found out and then Zach got called into the DR, and then Hope got called into the DR.

That’s when everything blew up.

They were talking about going home if things didn’t work out. I never said that I was going to do that. There’s no way that I was just going to leave the house if something didn’t go their way. I kind of understand where Zach is coming from a little, in terms of why he was upset. But at the same time, I think he may have overreacted a little bit.

Sorry, Zach!

What was the hardest part about adjusting to the Big Brother Canada house?

I think just always overanalyzing every conversation and everything people do, and realizing that everything you do, people are going to be analyzing it as part of a scheme, as all of these things are calculated.

It took a little while to adjust to that.

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