Pretty Little Liars Recap: Surfing the After Shocks


pretty little liars surfing the after shocks

Talk about full circle. Pretty Little Liars started with Mrs. Di Laurentis putting her daughter in the ground. Who would’ve thought that five seasons later Alison would be putting her mother in the ground.

Last night’s episode “Surfing the Aftershocks” started off confirming my suspicions that Alison was behind everything going on with the girls. She waltzed down the stairs in a dress that caused her father stress and seemed familiar to Spencer. Turns out it was the same exact dress that Mrs. Di Laurentis wore to Alison’s wedding. Emily chalked that up to coincidence, but Spencer stated that coincidences “happen all the time. They grow on trees like coconuts, waiting for you to walk under them.” Preach girl, PREACH! Of all the dresses in her mom’s closet, she chose THAT one!?!?! That couldn’t be the only black dress that Mrs. Di owned. Plus, she could’ve easily borrowed a dress from one of the liArs.

Alison has been back for three episodes and things haven’t gotten better, they’ve actually gotten worse. Fitz is recovering from a gunshot wound whilst sporting the saddest goatee in the world and two bodies have dropped. The girl is definitely a trigger for bad juju and the girls need to turn their eye of Sauron gaze on her and get to the bottom of the giant mystery that’s taking up 100 percent of their lives.

I had a conversation with a friend prior to this episode and she told me that [spoiler alert] in the books Alison has a twin who suffers from some sort of mental disorder. So far this season, the writers have been making no-so subtle hints that Alison may have a twin out there. In last night’s episode, the man at the funeral home mistook Hannah for Alison. I feel like the show is gearing up to make that big reveal in the episode down the road, but a part of me believes that this is just a ploy and the big reveal will be that Alison is an only child that suffers from split personality. That would explain her bipolar behaviour to her friends.

Speaking of bipolar behaviour, while at the funeral home, Alison made a snide remark to Hannah alluding to the fact that Hannah used to be fat. And there she is, good ol’ Alison.

Speaking of giant mystery, I seriously believe that the girls make a massive mistake by not bringing Mona into the fold. It’s obvious that she knows something or possibly everything. I have this feeling in my gut that Mona is the god guy in this whole situation. She sees Alison for who she really is. She casually tossed out a comment that Alison two-year absence was made up, which is actually a possibility. Now that she’s back, Alison has the girls running in circles, getting her things and giving her intel, but she won’t tell them ANYTHING. They still don’t know what happened “that night” and to be honest, they’ve never really asked. How the hell was she able to stay away for two whole years, but was able to keep tabs on everyone? How did Noel and Cece know she was alive and why did they keep the secret to themselves? THESE are the questions the girls should be asking. Not where Jason was the whole time. That’s irrelevant at this moment.

Oh look. Fitz with a goatee. Pass.

Other things:

  • Methinks Emily has found herself a Swim Fan/Single White Female situation in Sydney. Girl is obsessed. Watch your back gurl before you end up on the wrong end of an elevator shaft.
  • Hannah’s flashbacks were kind of random, but I think we’re in the midst of a Hannah evolution and it will be interesting to watch.
  • While Hannah was dying her hair back to her natural colour (I sense new wig/extensions next week), Mona and Alison looked on and engaged in conversation. We don’t know what they said, but let’s just say that a) it can’t be good and b) I told you Alison’s up to no good. Something tells me that Mona knows that truth about Alison.
  • Paige LOVES her some Emily and as much as Emily wants to just be friends, Paige can’t seem to let go. Can we puh-LEASE go back to when this was thing:

Pretty Little Liars


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