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Pretty Little Liars recap: Miss Me x 100

pretty little liars 100th episode

pretty little liars 100th episode

Happy 100th episode Pretty Little Liars!!!

And how does one celebrate such a massive milestone? With an explosion, love triangle and lies. Let’s take a look at each.

Three’s a crowd

Just when things were starting to kind of go somewhere with Travis and Hannah, Caleb (and his new haircut and facial hair) was back in town and Hannah caught a case of the feels. This sent Hannah into yet another bender. First, it was bad hair extensions, then it was shoplifting, now she’s drinking the sauce. No one can down spiral like Spencer, but it’s nice seeing the other girls try.

I think it’s safe to say that Hannah will ditch nice guy Travis for Caleb. Caleb was her first love and with Alison back in town, Caleb was there with her through most of the A business and he knows exactly what she’s going through she doesn’t have to lie and keep things from like she has to do with Travis.

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies 

I still believe that Alison cannot be trusted. Sure she’s back at school, but the girls still need to be on the offence when it comes to her. Spencer was apprehensive about believing Alison, telling Toby how can they still trust her when she still hasn’t truly told them what happened to her the two years she was away.

Emily wanted to repair her strained friendship with Paige and managed to get Paige and Alison in a room for Alison to apologize. Alison said the words, but something tells me that Paige wasn’t believing any of it. She gave Alison a piece of her mind, and while I felt that Paige might feel a little relieved to get that off her chest, something tells me that this may send her packing to team Mona.

But that might not be the only thing keeping Paige and Emily apart. Alison and Emily shared a kiss in Em’s bed. Uh-oh. We all know that Alison is Em’s first, true love and that Emily would do ANYTHING for Em. As someone who believes that Alison isn’t what she seems, she knew that Emily was the one that would fall in line with her first and the fastest. Reconnecting with Emily was the first step in eventually getting all the girls to fall in line with her line of thinking.

However, it looks like Alison may be in the dog house. After a confrontation with Mona (and lying to the girls about what happened during said confrontation), Alison found herself all alone towards the end of the episode when Mona outed her as a liar to the entire school. Looks like Alison’s first day back at Rosewood High knocked her off the pedestal.

Remember when I told you to watch out for Swinfan Sydney? Turns out she was in league with Mona AND Jenna to take down Alison once and for all and get her to leave Rosewood for good. Looks like Mona truly did set her up at the church. I don’t think Mona, Jenna and Sydney are evil, I just think they’re just giving Alison a taste of her own medicine for all the crap she gave them over the years. But where does Sydney fit into all of this?

Go out with a bang!

You can’t have a 100th episode without something HUGE happening. The episode ended with something fans of the show have been clamouring to find out since it was revealed that Alison was alive: the identity of the girl in Alison’s grave. Her name was Bethany Young and she was a patient from Radley who ran away the day Alison was allegedly kidnapped. Allegedly? Does this mean police don’t believe Alison’s story? I wonder what evidence they found that disputed Alison’s statement to Rosewood PD.

But that was the least of their problems. As Toby & Spencer, Ezra & Aria, Hannah & Caleb and Emily & Alison were watching the news, an explosion rocked their street and blew out Emily’s front window. I swear they just fixed it.

As everyone piled out onto the street, the noticed all the damage and saw that Toby’s house was in flames. As he ran inside to see if anyone was home, the show cut away to black hoodie gearing up for more fun with the girls.

Let’s be honest. We all know that Shauna was never A and that there had to be more than one black hoodie. So who assumed the role now that Shauna was dead. Who would want to blow up Toby’s house? Was someone out to silence Jenna or was this just a ploy to send suspicions away from her?



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