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Pretty Little Liars Recap: No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

Pretty Little Liars Recap No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

Pretty Little Liars Recap No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

With the girls finally united against Alison, they were planning on heading to Rosewood PD to get out from under Alison’s massive lie and save themselves before they go down with the ship. But before they could come clean, Alison made it clear that if they were going to clean, A would make sure that police would never believe that the girls never knew Alison was alive since last year’s Halloween episode.

While at school, Hannah uttered something that I’ve been saying since Season Two. What if Alison was A? It’s something the girls never considered and it’s about time that they did. We the fans know that Alison set that whole Cyrus Pitrello confession into motion. We also know that she sent Noel to terrorize Hannah’s mom. Hell, she was able to stay out of sight for two years and the girls STILL don’t know where she was that whole time. These girls need to start entertaining the thought that Alison was capable of much more.

At the end of last week’s episode, we saw that Melissa recorded a message for Spencer and it was time for us to see what was so important. Melissa told Spencer the truth before she left for London. Melissa saw Spencer the night Alison disappeared. She heard them fighting and saw Spencer dragging a shovel. She later saw Alison’s body and thought Spencer hit Alison. So she pushed Alison’s body into the grave and buried her. Then she realized that she buried Bethany Young and she was alive when she did it.

Whoa. Heavy. With Spencer now knowing what her sister had been holding onto for two years, would she tell the girls? I don’t think so. If Melissa held that secret for that long, I don’t think Spencer will roll on her sister so easily. However, she did tell Cadet Cavanaugh. So I guess anything is possible.

It looks like Emily and Fitz have teamed up formed their own Holmes/Watson duo and looked into who his Cyrus Pitrello fellow was and discovered a photo of he and Alison at an ABM machine together. With the girls no longer believing Alison’s BS, Emily came to the conclusion that Alison must’ve paid Cyrus a hefty amount to come to town and confess to kidnapping him.

While I’m firm in these reviews that Alison can’t be trusted, I am and forever will be on the fence with Mona. Is she good? Is she evil? Or is she merely in attack mode, ready for Alison to make the first move? Mona revealed to Aria that she knew some of the things that happened in New York and that the girls should watch their backs. After Alison was done taking down Mona, they were next and I’m pretty sure Alison wouldn’t shed a tear destroying you guys.

Holy crap. Det. Tanner laid down the gauntlet!!! She had a meeting with Aria’s dad to let him know that his daughter may or may not have been involved in a homicide. And that the reason why she keeps circling the girls is because there are a lot of smart people involved in the investigation and she can’t seem to get any closer to solving the case because of said smart people. But she hoped to get closer to the truth when one of the girls opted to talk to her the following day. My money’s on Spencer or Alison.

I keep saying this, but Tanner knows a hell of a lot more than she’s letting on. Something tells me that when Alison was on the lam, she and Cyrus were up to some bad stuff and Tanner was charged to finding them. The trail took her to the Rosewood and now she’s just waiting for the girls to trip up and catch them into a massive lie to bring them all down.

Oh Lord. Ravenswood talk. Listen the show got canceled for a reason. Please let’s not devote any time to wrap up that show. Also, this Ouija movie cross promotion into PLL is just too much for me. Can we get back to the issue at hand: which girl is seeing Tanner!!!

Looks like I was wrong. Spencer showed Emily and Aria the video that Melissa left behind. They also came to the realization that Bethany was wearing duplicates of Alison’s clothes that night which explains why Melissa thought she was Alison. But why would Bethany be wearing Alison’s clothes? What was she doing by Spencer’s house on that date? We may still have no real idea, but I think it’s safe to say that Alison definitely involved.


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