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Rich Denner, the 41-year-old waitress from Toronto, was the first houseguest to be evicted from the third season of Big Brother Canada. In one of the first twists of the season, Canada cast the vote to evict the statuesque beauty. Following her eviction, Risha was surprised to learn that due to another twist, she could still find a way to make it back into the house following the fifth week.

The TV Watercooler had the opportunity to speak with Risha following her eviction on Wednesday night. The contestant tells us about the speech she was planning on making, why women don’t trust each other in reality television and who she’d align herself with if she had the chance to return to the Big Brother Canada house.

Had you had the opportunity to make your speech to the houseguests, what would have said?

First of all, I would have thanked Big Brother for having me in the house as a houseguest. It’s a huge honour, privilege and unique opportunity. I was also going to thank my houseguests, because without them, I wouldn’t have had this experience. Especially my boys! Zach, Graig and Bruno. I’ll be missing them! I’ll also miss being in the kitchen, cooking dinner and tossing tossing the ball around in the backyard. I also wanted to give a shout out to my sister and niece, Barbie and Gabriella, in Vancouver.

Did you feel confident that the houseguests would have voted to keep you in instead of Pilar?

Well, the situation was that during the POV competition, the houseguests had make a pact that had been instigated by Godfrey: that whoever won and took themselves off, then the other person would be automatically voted to be out of the house so that nobody who was replace would have to go home. When I found out about this pact that I was definitely going to be voted out, it was really hard to hear. After so many hours of no food or sleep…it was frustrating.

I was deflated and a bit devastated by it. I really had to keep my game face on and keep strategizing and keep playing the game where I could hopefully convince people to not vote to evict me because I didn’t want to go home.

You’ve spent a few days inside the house. What are your impressions on the other houseguests? Who do you think is being manipulative? Who do you feel will go far?

I definitely think that Zach will go far. He’s the tall and handsome, quarterback. All the girls are swooning over him. They love him. He’s a great guy. He’s a good person. Even the guys really love him because he’s fun, athletic, outgoing and personable. He definitely has the social game and physical game where he could win.

As far as being manipulative, Willow is really a great game player. She’s funny and entertaining. People really like her but I can see that she’s playing a social game where she’s trying to get all of the super fans that are in the house and the younger houseguests to team up and be strong and to sort of follow her lead.

Kevin is also a super fan. He’s a thinker. You can look over to him and see that his arms are crossed and scratching his beard. His brain is thinking. So, he’s definitely playing the game and Neaha — she’s always got her mind spinning. You can see it in her eyes. She’s always looking around the room and listening to conversations. She’s always got her game face on. She’s definitely another person to watch.

How did you feel about the twists at the start of the game? (Everyone being the first HOH, competing to win back your clothes/furniture, Canada casting the vote to evict) How did this change your strategy? Do you feel you were quick to adapt (as much as you could)?

Well, finding out first of all that we were all nominating to vote to evict was very nerve wracking. Nobody wants to be put up first. And then to hear my name called. It was pretty much just based on not much but appearance because I didn’t have a chance to speak to anybody. It was really though. It was hurtful. Then, going into the POV and losing the it and then finding out that we weren’t going to have food or any of our belongings and that we were now going into a challenge, it was though. It was really hard. You know, you get going and you have to get in survival mode… Then I had to really turn up my game.

My strategy going into the house was that I was going to lay low and not put a target on my back. I didn’t want to come out and appear too physically strong, so that people wouldn’t see that I was physical threat right away. In fact, my whole strategy was that I was going to just come in and cook breakfast for people. So, that really got thrown out of the window when we didn’t even get food and were put on slop! I really had to adjust my game and step up to the plate.

risha big brother canada 3

“Sindy with an S” had an opportunity to put up anyone when she saved herself, yet she put up another female (Pilar). Why do you think all the nominations were women? Do you feel that it was easier for women to put up other women rather than the men? Why not work together? Unfortunately, women don’t often side with each other in reality television competitions. 

Coming into the house, Sindy, Pilar and myself were in the very last group to come in, so the three of us had really the least amount of time to get to know each other. Having talking with Sindy and a lot of other houseguests, people nominated the houseguests that they said that they hadn’t had the chance to talk to yet. I know Sindy had really regretted not putting a guy up on the block because that definitely would have changed the voting situation, I think. If she were to put up a strong guy then maybe people would have been more likely to take out a male right away who was a physical threat. It would have been an easy opportunity for the whole house to vote against that person.

As far as women not playing together in reality television, I think that really just stems from the fact that women really do have the tendency to bicker amongst themselves at times and have a hard time trusting each other, especially when there are men around and you’re in such a close and confined situation. I think that by nature, we feel more protected and safe when we are near men. That’s just our natural instinct. In the past, female alliances haven’t done well so I think that when people come on this show having watched past seasons, they know — they know that female alliances don’t work and are not successful, so they’re looking for male houseguests to form bonds and relationships with.

What was the hardest part being in the house? Perhaps something you didn’t realize you’d miss before going into the game.

Personally for me, I really have a hard time with bathroom privacy. Sharing one washroom stall was really a change for me. There was no privacy and there’s 16 people who are all in there showering, or doing their hair, makeup and getting ready at the same time. It’s not easy and you line up, wait your turn and sometimes your bladder doesn’t want to wait its turn! I definitely think the washroom situation was the hardest part for me and having my own privacy at home is what I missed.

If you are able to get back in the house, what would your strategy be? Who would you target for eviction? Who would you align yourself with?

If I were to go back in the house (fingers crossed), I would definitely want to form an alliance with people immediately so that I know that people would my back. That would be Graig, Zach and Sarah — I would love to get in on an alliance with those three. I feel like I have a really strong connection with them and know that I can trust them and that they would never put me on the block or vote me out. I would definitely want to do that.

As far as to voting to evict somebody, if I had to opportunity to go back in the house, I would not want to put a target on my back. I would definitely find out who the house wanted out and get them out, because voting with the house would be the best and smartest thing to do. That would be the best strategy for me.

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