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big brother dominique cooper

Dominique Cooper was not able to win a spot back into the Big Brother house this past Friday, as Cody re-entered the house, sending Dominique Cameron Heard and Jillian Parker home for good. We caught up with Dominque following the battle to return to the house to see what she had to say about Paul showing his true (snake) colours, houseguest disloyalty and who she’s rooting for.

When did you realize that you weren’t so safe and that Paul was going to put you up as a target?

I became more suspicious the night before nominations because of his behaviour was very strange.

What do you think went wrong with Paul? Could Cody have possibly said something to tip him off?

Oh my gosh! I have no idea. If you all figure that out, as well as Christmas’ reason for disloyalty, please let me know!

Did you find that Paul’s theatrics were a bit too much last week? He dressed up as a snake. He even put on a “snake” dress.

Paul is so thirsty for attention and air time that he’ll do whatever. My confidence is not that dehydrated! [Laughs] I was so happy that he finally embraced his true inner workings [as a snake].

Do you feel that it’s a very heated season this year? There have been a lot of confrontations, especially with the guys. In addition to Paul’s theatrics, we’ve had multiple outbursts from Cody and Josh.

Oh my gosh, yes! The drama is real…really annoying. It was nerve-racking. I laughed so much.

Is there anyone that you are hoping will go far in this game?

I hope Josh goes far. Although he’s emotional,, he doesn’t mind giving respect where respect is due. I hope the best for all.

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