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big brother canada erica hill exit interview

Big Brother Canada’s shocking new twist resulted in Pickering, Ontario’s Eric Hill being evicted from the house during Thursday (April 12) night’s episode. Canada vote to save Ryan from the block, forcing Kaela to put up Erica as a replacement nominee against Will, with the house shockingly deciding to vote out Erica. We caught up with Erica following her eviction to discuss that blindside, if she would have put up Derek or Kaela earlier and the hardest challenge she played in.

Your eviction came as quite the shock!

Yeah, for you and me both! It was not what I was anticipating waking up Thursday morning. But here we are!

They say “prepare for the unexpected,” but going into an eviction ceremony, did you ever think you’d find yourself going home after being safe all week — and pretty much all season?

Yeah, not a single chance in hell to be completely honest with you. I figured there might be a twist, perhaps, but I really wasn’t anticipating one of the nominees being pulled down and if I had come in with that headspace, I would have anticipated being put up and being sent home. But because I never saw the initial twist coming, I was completely blindsided by that!

Especially when you couldn’t even win Power of Veto for this!

Right? I know… It’s not like it was a double eviction where I had a shot at it. But, nope. That’s where the chips fell.

Do you think that Kaela pulled this off on her own or do you think she had some coercing? If so, by whom?

I think that I was always a backdoor option for Kaela. No matter what. If she was given the opportunity to take the shot, she would have on her own accord. It wouldn’t surprise me if every single person who went into that pantry told her to put me up. “This is our only chance to do it.” So, that wouldn’t surprise me at all, honestly.

How do you think Johnny will do in the house after your eviction? He was quite emotional during your eviction.

I’m nervous because any time there is someone who poses any form of a threat, they’ll just get picked off like nobody’s business in this specific house. So, to have as many comp wins than I did or have an equal or stronger social game than I did, he’s just like a sitting duck right now. I hope that he finds a way to make it through this week and hopefully get some power and re-establish himself in the house. I’m pretty scared for my boy!

What do you think was your most strategic move this season?

A more exciting strategy move was backdooring Veronica when I had the chance. It was a great move. I’m very proud of that and I stand by that for sure. But, I also think that on a more low-key note, I don’t regret putting up Merron and Ryan during my second HOH either. I know that’s going to be a big thing with “Hey, you should have put Derek and Kaela up when you had the chance,” but without this twist, I’d still be in this house. It wasn’t a terrible idea at the time because it makes sense to get them out now, but not then — in my opinion. So, for me there are different moments of strategy that I am proud of. There’s a game move and then little moves that can still be considered big moves in the end. I’m very proud of how I played the game.

Is there any move that you may regret?

No, the only thing that I’d regret is not trying to make an effort with Johnny sooner to lock something down. I think that if we had the basis of trust a couple of weeks prior, I think that I would have probably put Derek and Kaela up. Honestly. Because he has this intuition that is uncanny. It’s insane at what he can pick up on. He’s so perceptive. He was saying “Man, this is your opportunity to put ‘Daela’ up or backdoor one of them!” And I was like “No, I want to be low-key.” But had I had this kind of relationship that I had this week with him, last week… I don’t know but maybe my fate would be different? It’s hard to say.

What was the hardest competition that you played in?

Oh, my gosh — Tomb Raider, 100%. Yes, that was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done in my life.

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