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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Graig Merritt

graig big brother 3

graig big brother canada 3

Craig Merritt, the 36-year-old former MLB player and current league scout, was the fourth houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother Canada house this past Wednesday. Following his eviction, we spoke to Graig about being backdoored, who he’d align himself if he gets to go back and Johnny’s false claims of bullying.

If the house had voted Bobby out instead, they’d still have you as a target and most of them would be in the clear this week. Why don’t you think some of the houseguests didn’t go that route?

I had mentioned that to a few people in the house but I just didn’t have enough people who wanted to go that route. I might have had two or three but it might have put targets on their back.

Who did you speak to?

Bruno, Jordan and Zach. I mentioned to those guys that if they kept me in the house, the rest of the house would come after me and not them.

You wised up to being backdoored pretty quickly. Can you share what went through your mind when you realized what Brittnee had planned to do?

I wasn’t truly shocked but it was a hard pill to swallow. I knew coming into this game that the only way I was going to get evicted from the house was by an instant eviction or a backdoor. Brittany was going after big players and tried to make a big move and did so. It was a great play for her game.

You mentioned in your exit interview with Arisa that you knew you were leaving a few days ago, did you manage to make the most of it (the experience) while you still had the chance? You said you spoke to Bobby and Sarah before you left — you did a proper goodbye with them — did you guys discuss any strategy?

Did I make the most from the experience? When you are on the block and you know you are going to be evicted, it’s a very hard pill to swallow. I just tried to get through those last couple of days and get myself out of the house.

There was absolutely no strategy discussed. I’m just really bad at goodbyes. I would have just cried my eyes out hugging everyone. I just told Sarah to give everyone in the house a hug for me. I know Sarah is super sensitive and she was the perfect person for me to relay that message to because I know she would give everyone in the house a hug for me. I almost broke down telling Sarah to do this. I told Bobby to apologize to the other housemates for me — I’m really bad at goodbyes and to explain that to them.

I love everyone in that house… Johnny included, even though he pulled the bully card on me. I hope to continue relationships with them outside of Big Brother.

graig big brother 3

Bullying is a huge problem. Do you think it was fair for Johnny to label you a bully even if it wasn’t true? It was a really dirty move. Do you think he took advantage of this?

Absolutely. He took advantage of it. Him pulling the bully card on me was a bully move. I think Johnny will have a lot of questions to answer next week, once he gets evicted. It was totally unfair. Totally not true. Fans who watch the show would know that while I did have some aggressive behaviour, I did not bully anyone in that house.

Should you have the opportunity to return to the house, what would be some of the move you’d make? Would you keep your former alliances? Would you make some new ones?

My gut tells me that I would make some new alliances but I would definitely have to feel the house out and see where everyone was at. I’d discuss with my old alliance where they were at in the game and if I get back in the house, I’m definitely going to try to make big moves and try and get back in there for the long run, rather than the short term.

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