Soap News: Steffy’s back on B&B! Plus: Kate betrays Lucas on DAYS

steffy back bold and the beautiful 2015

steffy back bold and the beautiful 2015

We round up the latest soap news and preview this week’s major plot points on The Bold and the BeautifulDays of our LivesGeneral HospitalThe Young and the Restless and Coronation Street, including Jacqueline MacInnes Wood‘s return to B&B as Steffy while Kate (Lauren Koslow) betrays Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) on DAYS.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is returning to The Bold and the Beautiful as Steffy Forrester and this time around, she’s got a contract! The Canadian beauty shared with TV Insider the details about her long-term return (she returned earlier this year for a few weeks). Looks like Steffy will put up a fight for Liam (Scott Clifton) and Forrester Creations.

Tyra Banks will host this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards on April 26. The award show will broadcast in the U.S. on Pop. NATAS has yet to strike a deal with a Canadian broadcaster.

Lindsay McKeon (ex-Marah, Guiding Light) will appear on two episodes of The Young and the Restless as a business woman named Felicity. Daytime Confidential reports that the One Tree Hill and Saved by the Bell: The New Class alum will first air on the May 6th Canadian episode (airs May 7th in the U.S.).

General Hospital’s Billy Miller (Jake/Jason) has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to help raise money for his niece Savannah Strain’s Benton Louisiana Archery team. It’s an exceptional cause, due to Savannah being born without her left hand. Click here to find out more about the campaign and Savannah.

— This year’s Nurses Ball on General Hospital will air on May 1st, 4th and 5th.

Linsey Godfrey (Caroline, B&B) shared the journey of her recovery following a car accident with Entertainment Tonight. You can watch the clip below.

lucas adrienne days of our lives


The Bold and the Beautiful (CTV Two/CBS): Rick talks to Maya about his discovery of her estrogen pills. Wyatt tries to make peace between Quinn and Ivy. Nicole goes behind Maya’s back to get what she wants. Liam comes up with a revenge plan. Wyatt tries to find a way to force Rick and Maya out of their positions. Deacon puts his foot down with Brooke. Wyatt ties to charm information out of Nicole. Brooke tells Deacon that marrying Quinn will cost him a relationship. Nicole tells Maya she’s interested in Wyatt. Brooke tries to stop Deacon from marrying Quinn.

Coronation Street (CBC): Carla has problems with her laptop and asks Nick for help. The news spreads that Faye’s having a baby (lol). Callum begs Sarah to let him take her out. Anna’s deeply concerned with Faye’s behaviour. Bethany encourages Jason to talk to Sarah. Eileen is nervous when she goes to meet her online date. Tracy enjoys teasing Tony. Jason and Sarah realize Bethany was fooling them. The police make an arrest. Eileen is coy when Todd and Sean question Eileen about her date. Alya shows Carla some of her new designs. Liz attempts to butter Tony up for financial reasons. Sally does her best to sabotage Alya’s design website. Todd checks out Eileen’s dating site. Anna’s shocked with Faye’s admission.

Days of our Lives (Global/NBC): Tori must reveal the truth about Paul’s father. Abigail calls out Chad on his true intentions. Hope is wary when AIden picks up a surprising new client. John freezes out Marlena for keeping the truth from him. A deadly Kristen orders Clint to bring Theresa to her. JJ and Paige make love for the first time. A conniving Kate betrays Lucas.

General Hospital (City/ABC): Nathan visits with Maxie. Sabrina examines the cause of Michael’s behaviour. Dante questions people about the missing baby Avery/AJ. Franco upsets Nina. Bobbie makes an emotional plea to Scotty. Sonny pays Luke a visit. Kiki makes a confession to Julian. Ned and Alexis make a stunning request of Michael. Silas agrees to Ava’s demand. Franco forms a deal. Duke coms to a realization with Lucy’s assistance. Hayden reveals her true intentions. Carly investigates. Ned decides to confess his feelings to Oliva.

The Young and the Restless (Global/CBS): Michael shield Lauren from the truth. Avery’s world is shaken after Joe’s fall off the balcony. Phyllis and Jack’s wedding day commences. Billy talks to Ashley about the hack at Jabot. Ashley pushes Victor into a corner. Adam gets divorce papers from Sage. Billy and Victoria revisit the past. Chelsea and Adam’s sexual tension explodes. Michael and Dylan help Sharon. Summer talks to Abby about her relationship with Stitch.


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