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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Johnny Colatruglio

johnny big brother canada 3

johnny big brother canada 3

Winnipeg’s Johnny Colatruglio was the fifth houseguest to be evicted from the third season of Big Brother Canada. We were able to chat with the 26 year-old IT Project Manager to discuss the challenges of being a superfan inside the Big Brother house, playing dirty and how he and the other four evicted houseguests plan on “blowing up” the house when one of them return next week.

As a superman, what was the best part about finally getting to play?

This has been a dream come true! I have been a fan since I was 13 years-old, when that first season of Big Brother (U.S.A.) premiered. I am a live-feeder! The whole nine yards. I am a superfan through and through. The best part of finally playing that game is just to live that experience. It’s so crazy being in a house where your every move is watched and recorded, 24/7.

Not just that, but there are so many things that you don’t expect. There are 16 people in the house and those are the only faces that you see. The only other face is Arisa every Wednesday night. It’s crazy how much downtime you have with these people. You spend so much time with them. I’m closer to some of these people more than my friends back home.

So, the best part for me has been the entire experience. I love the game through and through. This has been an experience that I will cherish and one that I will never forget. I just loved every single minute of it.

Other than going up on the block and being voted out, what do you think was the hardest part of finally being in the Big Brother Canada house? What did you miss the most from home?

There are so many things that you miss from home You miss your family, friends and I missed my little dog, Veto. I love him to pieces. For me, I was able to check all of that — you miss those people but I was living my dream. Any minute that I got to spend in the Big Brother house was amazing and I would do anything to go back.

We got to see you play dirty. You called Graig a bully. We know it’s strategy, but did you ever feel like you crossed the line? Or did you in fact feel bullied by him and if so, can you give us some examples of this?

Yeah, I did play a little bit dirty, but it’s just the nature of Big Brother. I did play dirty! That’s the name of the game. Yes, I called Graig a bully an I truly believed that to some degree, Graig is a bully. For instance, when Graig was trying to flip the house to keep Risha and send Pilar home, he made Willow cry. He yelled at her and said “You’re wrong. Your opinion is wrong.” I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s a little bit of bully. Graig had a lot of nasty things to say about people behind their backs, even the people he was working with and now knowing what I know about the Chop Shop alliance — I was able to compare noes with the other four people that were first out, he had a lot of nasty things to say about the people he was working with. I’m sure a lot of those don’t make it [on air] but lived and breathed that every single day and some of the things you’d hear from him were hurtful. Plus, he calls me out and calls me a liar! Graig is the biggest liar in the house. He lies about absolutely everything, even his occupation. He was a hypocrite for calling me a liar and to be honest with you, I just ended up telling the truth about what Graig said. For me to be a liar and for him to be the person who was calling me one is quite interesting. He is a bully and it was definitely a part of my strategy to call him out [on it] as well.

johnny big brother canada 3

The house really likes to vote together. You even spoke out about the plan that Ashleigh confided you with and yet you were still voted out. Why do you think there is still this way of voting five weeks into the game?

I tried my best to stay in this week so I took that gummy bear conversation and blew it up as best as I could. It’s one of those things in the house where everyone is looking for someone t target and anything you can do to stick your neck out gives people a tiny bit of target on you. My neck was already out on the line when I voted to keep Neaha and I was the two votes to keep her in (along with Sarah’s).

I find it interesting that the house is still voting together. It’s just one of those things. It’s the same reason why Kevin ultimately didn’t support me in the Power of Veto completion because if he had, it would have put a target on him and they would have been gunning for him next. So, I understand why they are voting together but it’s getting old and it’s getting boring. As a fan watching at home, I used to hate to see when the house voted unanimously. We were hoping to see if we could shake it up with a 5-4 vote but it didn’t happen. You better believe that if I make it back in that house, there aren’t anymore unanimous votes happening anymore!

Should you have the opportunity to return to the house, what would be some of the moves you’d make? Would you keep your former alliances? (Especially with the way Kevin played in the Veto competition.) Would you make new alliances?

Now that I have a chance to return to the house, I’m going to compete head to head with the other four people eliminated on Sunday and then one of us is going to get to go back inside. My strategy is to blow up the house! To blow up the Chop Shop and especially blow up Zach! I’m going to call Zach out right in front of everyone and make him expose the Chop Shop while we are all sitting in the living room and really blow up his game. If he’s not willing to give it up, then I’m blowing him out of the water. I think that everyone else is going to have the same goal. We’re all going in that house to take down Zach.

Would I keep my former alliances? If Sarah’s still there, I’m going back to her — especially now, knowing the information that I now know. And my Kevy-wevy, I love him to pieces. He did what he had to do to protect his game and with some information, I have to go back. He’s on the outskirts of the Chop Shop and he’s definitely a person who I need to be close with. He’s a a competition threat and can deliver when it comes time to delivering. Another person in that house that I may go back to is J.P. (Jordan), who is also out of the Chop Shop. He’s Zach’s wingman, but little does he realize that Zach is really working with the Chop Shop. So, J.P. is just around for vote and he needs to realize that. As a superfan, I can definitely appeal to that. So, I’m definitely going to make new alliances, there are people who are on the outside of the Chop Shop that we need to come together. We are typically people that wouldn’t come together but we absolutely need to. Especially when we have the information that we need. We are going to blow things up in there.

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