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Caroline Dhavernas Previews Season 2 of Mary Kills People

mary kills people season 2 caroline dhavernas preview

mary kills people season 2 caroline dhavernas preview

Canadian hit Mary Kills People is back for its second season, beginning this Wednesday, Jan. 3, at 8 p.m. on Global.

This season will see Mary (Caroline Dhavernas) become more entangled in her illegal work with assisted suicide, once again risking her family and ER career as she tries to keep both worlds separate and her daughters safe. We had the opportunity to catch up with series star Caroline Dhavernas to give us a preview on what to expect when the second season premieres, including how Mary’s dynamic with business partner Des (Richard Short) will change once he’s finished serving his prison sentence, the arrival of Rachelle Lefevre’s Olivia as well as Ben’s (Jay Ryan) return.

It’s been 8 months since the events of the season finale. Can you catch everyone up on what Mary has been up?

Well, Des (Richard Short) has been in prison so Mary has been doing her little thing on her own… She’s been very happy to be doing so, so when Des gets out of prison, she has to adjust to him being in her life again. They start seeing things differently with the patients that they have. Things get a bit greyer. We saw Mary in season one being very open-minded about a person’s choice but in season two, I think that she’s even more ready to help people who have decided to end their life, even though their life isn’t about to end. Mary’s a little darker and more dangerous this season. She does spiral down this criminal world a little deeper than she did in season one. And of course, her family will be at risk once again because of this.

mary kills people season 2 caroline dhavernas preview

Mary’s ex, Kevin (Sebastian Roberts), has moved back home. Is he there for just the kids or for Mary as well?

He’s lost his house and now he’s back with the family just to help out. I don’t think that Mary wants him around for very long! [Laughs]

Louise (Alexandra Castillo) also knows so much and won’t be so happy with Mary. Will Louise be a big threat this season?

Louise knows something that very few people know. She has this bomb that she can choose to explode or not. She could decide if she wanted to explode Mary’s life into pieces. The same goes with Naomi.

Speaking of threats, there’s Olivia (Rachelle Lefevre). She’s Grady’s (Greg Bryk) sister… Does she want revenge?

If you thought Grady was scary, Olivia’s even worse! These two women could have probably respected each other because they are both fierce and brave, but they are opposite forces. Mary’s doing what she’s doing out of compassion, while Olivia’s a lot darker than Mary is. It’s a very interesting character and Rachelle Lefevre plays her beautifully.

mary kills people season 2 caroline dhavernas preview

Des has been serving prison time for Mary. How will that relationship or dynamic change once he’s released and they get back at it?

Yes, there is a pressure on their friendship because of it. He took one for the team and now he’s out. Mary knows that it would be way easier for her to do this on her on but he did go to prison for her. What’s interesting is that even though he was a heroin addict and the unstable one in the first season, Des becomes a lot more solid and the moral compass in their friendship during season two. Mary is the one who gets darker.

So prison has changed Des in a good way?

Yes, I’d think so.

mary kills people season 2 caroline dhavernas preview

At the end of the first season, Nicole (Charlotte Sullivan) also wanted in Mary’s operation. When will that be revisited?

Yes, as you can imagine, Nicole will not forget this! She will want to get an inkling of what it’s like for Mary and essential be there for her sister because Mary does carry a lot on her shoulders. It’s a dark secret. It’s a hard one to take on every day. I don’t want to reveal anything, but yes, her sister has not forgotten what Mary does and she wants to be around to help out in any way shape or form.

And what about Ben (Jay Ryan)? He’ll also be back this season.

He’s back and doing undercover work and they’ll meet under very surprising circumstances. The attraction is still there.

mary kills people season 2 caroline dhavernas preview

We last spoke ahead of the first premiere and discussed the show’s shorter format. You were happy with the shorter (six episodes a season) format because it worked best to flesh out your characters within each episode and you got to work on some other projects. Does that still stand after wrapping up season two?

Yes, so much so. I get to have the rest of the time for me and for other projects.

Do you think that this way of storytelling makes each episode so much more intense? Because there’s so much there to explore.

Yes, it allows us to tell a story in more of condensed way and not drag on a storyline forever… Which, to me a viewer, there’s so much television out there right now and you want to be able to take a look at a couple of series. When you have to be married to a show that has 20-plus episodes a year, it’s a bit more of an engagement.

Mary Kills People airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global.


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