Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Michael Stubley


big brother canada michael stubley exit interview

Prince George’s Michael Stubley was the first houseguest to be evicted on Big Brother Canada’s eight-season on Thursday (March 12) night (the previous week featured a self-eviction).

We caught up with Michael to discuss his backdoor eviction, his goodbye speech and which houseguest he had the hardest time connecting with.

Did you ever suspect they’d do a backdoor this week and did you think that you’d be the one who Chris put up on the block? 

Yes, I definitely knew that I was massive backdoor potential. Especially with how Chris was with Maddie and his comments over the week. It led me to think that I was in the crosshairs. I was 60% sure I was going to be backdoored and 40% I wanted to believe in the “plan.” Unfortunately, my gut instinct was right.

You singled out Chris, Vanessa, and Kyle in your speech – how do you think your former alliance members will fare with them? Is it war or do you think the house has other targets?

Yes, so when I was leaving, I had at least six people telling me that they were going after Kyle when they were hugging me. I know that the “Evictors” will have targets on Kyle and Chris. I didn’t want them to right off Vanessa because she was just as manipulative in the campaigning process in terms of Carol and Hira. They cornered them and forced them to make a decision. Moving forward, I hope [my alliance]they win at HOH and take a shot back.

How did you feel about the goodbye messages? Particularly the one from Minh-Ly?

I think Minh-Ly is a bit confused about her role in everything. She was as much of in-charge of the situation as I was. I don’t think she’s as big of a manipulator as she’s playing off to be because we had a conversation before I left where she said that if I stayed, she wanted to backdoor Kyle the following week. She was in a panic and asked if I had told everyone [what she wanted to do]and I said “No.” But looking back, I think I should have dropped that because she’s been flip/flopping.

Your relationship with Madeline – just a showmance or do you think it could be a genuine relationship outside the house?

Honestly, with Maddie and I…She was definitely my rock in the game. She was someone who I confided in. The four of us (with John Luke and Rianne) got along super well. It’s a long game and I hope that she doesn’t forget about me. After I got nominated, the loyalty that she displayed with me… Calling Chris a “POS,” she really said everything that I was thinking. I’ve never had someone stick up for me like that in a public setting. Especially going against the odds.

Outside of Chris, Kyle and Vanessa, who was the houseguest that was the hardest to connect with?

The hardest houseguest to connect with…for me, it would have had to be Susanne because she was so flip/floppy. I don’t have another word for it, but fake. I remember she had one conversation with me and told me not to give up. I knew it was all B.S., but I listened in to a conversation she had in the HOH room and heard her telling everyone “Oh, how funny was it that I told Michael not to give up and lose hope!” She started laughing. I thought that was completely unnecessary. She’s a dangerous little cookie and I think that she’ll be a pawn later on.

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