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scottie salton big brother exit interview season 20

Scottie Salton, the 26-year-old shipping manager from Illinois, was the third houseguest to join this season’s jury on Big Brother. We caught up with Scottie following his eviction to discussing the regret he feels for throwing Haleigh under the bus last week, what he would have done differently during his time in the house, and who he thinks is playing the best game.

What was your biggest regret this past week — pretending to throw Haleigh under the bus or then throwing Sam under the bus?

Out of the two, the Haleigh plan. I wasn’t throwing her under the bus to target her… I thought once I left it would protect her. But it was a dumb plan and she cried during that conversation when I told her and I hated myself when I saw how upset it made her.

Could there have been a way to work with Faysal to put up some members of the other side of the house? It’s twice in a row now that your side’s HOH resulted in benefiting the other side.

I’m gonna say no because that man doesn’t understand reason or logic. There has to be a group of people in his ear saying “Scottie is a wild card,” because his reasons for putting me up were all bull****. I don’t think he has any reason or logic. Him and his other group must have decided on targeting me, and he was going to stick with it, no matter what.

Looking back, what would you have done differently in the house?

Well, week one I wouldn’t have told everyone “me and Steve are together forever,” I would have been a little less blunt. I would have taken my time in the hacker comp. I would have probably been a little more coy. I was more like “this is me, this is what you are stuck with.” I should have been more sly.

How genuine are you feelings for Haleigh?

These feelings are going to kill me. One second I would be like “she is just playing me.” I remember thinking, before I came in, if a wonderful girl talked to me, it would be game and would be suspicious. And then as Haleigh would talk to me, I would be torn up inside. It was 100% real.

Is there anyone you wish you had the opportunity to work with or to form an alliance with?

I just wish I could have gotten Tyler and Haleigh on the same page… on my page. But I think from the get-go there was some kind of early group and I was just blind about it because I spend all my time with Steven, and then when he left, I was alone — and that group was already formed, so I was left behind.

From your perspective, what was the biggest moment, twist or blindside this season?

Probably the hacker comp. That was a lot of power to give someone without having to say who you are. That was borderline OP (over power).

Who do you think has played the best game thus far?

Right now, JC. No one has even brought up his name for the block. He is hiding behind Fess. He knows way more than he lets on. He is always on the right side of the vote. He is just in a good spot.

Who would you like to see go far?

I’d like to see Haleigh go far. Even though he probably stabbed me in the back, I’d like to see Tyler go far [as well]. One of those two.

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