Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Dallas Cormier

big brother canada dallas

big brother canada dallas

Returning player Dallas Cormier was the second houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother Canada house this week. Dallas chats about making peace with Dillon before leaving, why he’s surprised William is in the house and who he thinks will make it to the final three.

Why do you think that the vets are done?

I think we created a division inside the house after the first week, where Kevin, Bruno and I chose to keep Mark. I was told that the house flipped and maybe that created a little bit of uncertainty with the vets. I thought that after that happened that the vets were still on the same team, but clearly I was misinformed and mislead. The vets could have easily stuck together this week and kept one of their own and move forward to pick off the newbies. I guess they didn’t like the numbers.

You went in on Dillon but later admitted that he’s a good guy. Did you get a chance to make peace and explain your strategy before you walked out of the house?

Yes, I actually did. I really like Dillon as a person. I think that we are going to be really good buddies. Well, I hope that we can be good buddies after this. I had to separate my game from him because he’s a huge target inside the house and people were seeing that we were hanging out a little too much inside the house. People were starting to get really wary of that. If I wanted to keep the vet vote, I had to throw him under the bus and make sure that it was authentic and the fight was real. He had a hard time digesting that because it was such a blindside for him. I get it… I really do get it that it sucks when you’re put in that position. But, I told him that he has to learn how to separate game from personal. I shook his hand and told him that “On the outside, we’ll be boys. But on the inside, it has to be you versus me. I’m sorry.”

Did you suspect there would be other vets coming back in the house this season or did you think you were going to be the only returning player?

No, I actually thought that it was going to be all returning players. I was extremely surprised when I saw so many new faces but only saw Ika and Kevin at that point. I was extremely confused! It was a pretty decent twist, going half and half. I was grateful that it was even instead of a 12 vs. 4 in favour of newbies versus vets. To play with Ika, Cassandra, Gary, Kevin and Neda — those are some pretty big names in the BBCAN universe. So, to be associated with them, it was a huge blessing.

Do you think you would have stood a better chance with fewer vets returning?

Potentially, because maybe the newbies would come towards me and look at me for advice. Maybe I could have used that to my advantage, but I don’t think it could have been used as a huge advantage. No.

Who do you think that the house should vote out next? Do you think your warning to them about Sindy will work?

That wasn’t just my only warning… I wanted to warn them about Sindy because she is getting people to do her dirty work for her while she just struts around the house flicking her hair around. The house’s biggest problem right now is Kevin and Bruno. I made sure that the house knew that. I told Gary, Cassandra, Ika, William and Dre that “If you guys win the HOH, you have no choice but to put those two up. They are working together. I know this because I was working with them. Those two could sell ice to an Eskimo. You’ve got to be very wary of those players. Bruno’s already won a POV this year. The guy’s very capable of winning competitions.” I think the house’s biggest threat as of right now is those two players.

Was there anyone you wish you would have gotten the chance to work with?

I wish I had gotten the chance to work with Neda because she’s got some really big pull inside the house. People listen to what she says. She’s very strategic. I’ve seen that from her first season. She doesn’t step on anybody’s toes and builds connections the right way. She probably could have given me some advice in situations where I really needed it. Jon Pardy and er, were one of the best iconic duos to ever play. If I had that same approach with her, maybe I would have been in a lot better position today.

Did anyone’s game play disappoint you?

Not that it was disappointing, I just have a hard time figuring out how and why William is there. He’s very quiet. I don’t know if he brings a lot to the table. I really like the guy as a person, but I feel that as a game player, there could have been much better picks… to be brutally honest.

Were you surprised by anyone?

Definitely. I thought Bruno was going to be a real bro, as you can say… As cliche as that sounds. I thought he and I would have been more like that together in that aspect. I was a little surprised Bruno was trying to throw me under the bus so early in the game. But in return, I exposed his game to a few people.

Do you have a pick to win?

It’s a little bias, but I want Cassandra to win. Logically and statistically, you have to look at who has the best chance. Who has the best chance right now? It’s Neda. She got blasted right to jury and has lots of time to make deals and build relationships. I strongly believe that Neda will be at the very least in the final three.

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