Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Maddy Pavle

big brother canada maddy

big brother canada maddy

Vancouver’s Maddy Pavle was the latest houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. We had the opportunity to chat with Maddy before she left for the jury house. Maddy discusses the hard week she had in the house, who she would like to see win the game and how she’ll interact with the other members of jury.

The brothers encouraged you to fight but yet the house still voted to evict you 5-0. Do you think they genuinely had your back (even if they you up) or were campaigning for your jury vote?

I think they were campaigning for my jury vote. But I think at the end, they realized that Tim was the stronger player but by that time it was too late and they couldn’t change the votes.

It must have been such a difficult week for you. Not only being on the block, but being up against Ramsey and then having him leave to be with his family. With everything going on, did you even have time to campaign?

No, I did not. I mean, three days does seem like a long time but I just emotionally spent at first and didn’t really want to.

Something turned though, because did you did end up finding the strength.

Yes, Ramsey spoke to me a little bit in my head and I just thought of him and he would have been really disappointed to see me give up. I did it for him.

With Kelsey going back to her old ways after you voted her back in, do you regret that decision of having the house vote her back in instead of Loveita?

Absolutely. Huge regret. I think a lot of people feel the same way as well.

You played the game a lot harder than some of the houseguests who are still in this game. Why is it so easy for certain houseguests to go so long without making any big move?

By always voting with the majority. Sometimes it isn’t a bad thing, but it also isn’t a good thing. Voting with the house just became a big trend.

What would be a big move in the house? Would it be against the brothers (Phil and Nick) or Kelsey/Jared? Or is there another threat?

I think anyone left is really a big threat. Anyone could go. I think Tim is huge and if it’s not out now, he’s going to win. Then there’s Jared and Kelsey, who just need to be split up.

Who would you like to see win?

I would like to see Jared win. I respect him so much and he’s just a great guy. He’s the next strongest player in the house. I hope he can do it.

Who would you like to see join the jury house next week?

I think that it would be bittersweet if it were the brothers came walking in right after me. It would be hilarious because I could say “I told you so.”

Where’s your head going into jury house? How would you like to sway the other jury members?

I don’t really want to sway anyone. I’m just going to tell them what happened this week and who acted a certain way. What people said. I want the jury to think for themselves and not for my game. I’m not going to win and neither are they.

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