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big brother canada jesse larson exit interview

Jesse Larson, the 24-year-old sales executive from Saskatoon, was the third houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother Canada house this season. We caught up with Jesse following his eviction on Thursday (March 22) night to discuss how hard he played in last week’s Power of Veto competition, Hamza making big moves and who he thinks is the most well-positioned houseguest inside the house right now.

Would you have played the POV competition differently had you known that Hamza was going to go against his word? Or did you play as hard as you could?

I definitely played as hard as I could in that challenge. My knuckles were gushing blood, I really gave it my all! I was just a little too far behind in that one.

Looking back, do you regret calling Hamza out during the POV ceremony? Would it have been something you could have done after, in private, and attempted to salvage your safety or do you think his mind was pretty much up at the point, to send you home?

First off, I don’t regret calling Hamza off during the POV ceremony. I think that a couple of houseguests appreciated the fact that I did that… Even if they may or may not have liked certain parts of the speech, I think that it went over well. Something that I could have done in private after? It’s totally possible. But again, I did want to make a bold at the same time. No regrets there. Was his mind made up at that point? I think it was made up to not use the veto, but I don’t think that his mind was made up to send me home just yet because he really liked the part of my pitch to him about possible throwing the “Daela” (Derek and Kaela) showmance under the bus, because he just likes huge moves in the game.

You and Paras got very close — a showmance, even. Yet she didn’t vote to keep you in the house. Tell us about her strategy. Do you think she can successfully separate emotion from the game?

The thing with Paras… Yes, we did have a little “flirtmance” there… That’s what I’d call it. I understand why she wouldn’t throw me her vote in the end because she knew that the votes weren’t there. But I don’t blame Paras individually for that happening, that was more of a group decision to not commit to a play. Kaela’s involved in that too. She didn’t throw me a vote and she’s in way more danger than Paras. It really wouldn’t have made a difference for her target or not and she didn’t either. So, I can’t blame Paras for that.

Do you think the second vote for you to stay (by Veronica) will throw the other houseguests off? Do you think she’ll admit to it?

I did tell some of the houseguests that I had Veronica’s vote locked down for sure. Most of them didn’t believe me! So it’s absolutely going to throw them off…They’ll find out that Veronica did give me her vote and hopefully they feel a little guilty for not following through with the plan because Veronica’s vote would have been huge with the numbers there if people had believed me and voted the same way.

The house played it safe with the first two evictions which were unanimous. What do you think finally changed in the house this week?

What finally changed was Hamza got HOH. If anyone else in the game won HOH, I wouldn’t have been on the block or out of the game. I think it was really Hamza’s gall to make big moves that changed it.

Who do you think is the most well-positioned in the house right now?

Right now, I’m kinda answering Johnny. “Daela” versus Hamza’s side of the house will take place in the next couple of weeks. I think someone like Johnny in the middle who has good social standing with the whole house and can move in different social circles. He’s also pretty good physically. He’s got a good shot at the latter half of the game.

What was the hardest part about being in the house for you?

The hardest part was trying to deal with people’s lies straight to your face. Right? I mean, they’re going to tell me one thing and then tell Olivia the exact same thing. Obviously, they’re lying to somebody. So, it was really difficult for me to hash through all that in week three. I thought it should be a way simpler process and it wasn’t.

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