Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Sindy Nguyen

big brother canada sindy 2017

big brother canada sindy 2017

Sindy Nguyen is the second member of the Big Brother Canada jury. We chat with Sindy, a week after she orchestrated the biggest of this season — Neda’s eviction! Sindy opens up about that eviction, the differences between playing in season five versus season three and her plan for jury.

Sorry to see you go, especially on your birthday. You made such a big move by putting Neda up last week and getting her out. Now you’re joining her in jury. Looking back, do you have any regrets?

No! I do not. I definitely think that I played a flawless game up until Day 34. It was a move that I wanted and planned to do. I think my regrets are in how I campaigned on the last two days.

Do you think you’d be headed to jury if you didn’t put Neda up?

No, I don’t. I think my relationships after I put Neda up were fine. It was solidified. I think it was more of the issue of how I approached my campaigning and really pushed for Ika not to be on the block alongside Demetres to protect her. I knew I was at risk to be that replacement nominee, but I wasn’t that scared of going home. I think that my concern was that I definitely let Bruno influence and question my relationship with Ika in a sense that I should have gone with my gut feeling to campaign to her and Demetres over Dre and William. My regret is really just the last two days, not the choice to backdoor Neda.

Do you think that if Neda was still in the house, she would have been the target this week?

To be honest, I’m not too sure. There are still a lot of big targets around. I think that who was leaving after a double eviction would have changed any dynamic.

How much did Ika factor into getting Neda out? Would you have put her up regardless or did you need that push from Ika?

Maybe 10%. A lot of us thought about getting Neda out after her immunity was gone. I had my distrust for her early on and throughout the game. But I wanted to keep her, because I knew that she would have been a shield in front of me. When Ika suggested that I put up Neda, it was a confirmation for me to know that it’s what others wanted as well. At the time, I didn’t think that people would have been on board. So, Ika did influence it in the sense that I knew I had that support. When Kevin and Bruno didn’t reject the idea, that’s when I knew that it was my opportunity to do it.

Who factored into the decision of your eviction this week? Was it Ika? Your loyalty to Bruno and Kevin? What went wrong?

I think that at first, I really went towards Kevin and Bruno because I felt that I had to make it up to them for getting rid of Neda because I knew how close they were to her. During that time, I left Bruno kinda of influencing me and question Ika’s loyalties to me. Event though that I knew I was in a good place [with her], it caused me to campaign differently. The biggest thing that I didn’t realize would affect my game so much was Dre and how much her vote would influence both sides.

Other than making it this far, what do you think was the biggest difference in the first time and your second experience playing inside the house?

I think the biggest difference is that I really pushed to take the time to get to know the houseguests and really build relationships. The first time around, because I was on the block, I didn’t see myself wanting to make a relationship. Then, when I left, I left for so long that when I came back, relationships were already built. It’s like being in a new high school and you’re in the cafeteria, you’re not just going to sit a table where people have this group of friends and it takes awhile for you to get in there and talk to people. That’s what I felt when I came back in season three. I didn’t know how to start conversations with these groups because they were already built. They already had their own alliances. This time around, I built those relationships and I had more fun. Being able to be part of all the fun tasks and the HOH comps  — that’s what made the difference and made things more fun. It made it enjoyable for me to play.

Who’s game play surprised you the most?

I don’t think anyone is really surprising me in a sense because the people who I worked with closely were Ika, Kevin and Bruno and I had seen them play before. I knew they’d play similarly. It wasn’t surprising to me because I knew their potential. Out of the newbies, I was surprised that they were receptive to working with the vets. That was a surprise for me but individually, I don’t think that anyone is standing out there for me right now.

Who’s game play disappointed you the most?

Cassandra. I really wanted to work with her and I just feel that she didn’t adapt to the new season and different personalities. It was very unfortunate to let her go. I was very disappointed in how things turned out.

Did you take Neda’s jabs seriously or did you think it was just her sense of humour?

I talked to Neda the day after and sat her down… That’s what I would do in the outside work if I wasn’t happy. I’d sit down with the person. I told her that I knew it wasn’t intentional, but that it does take a toll on you. I told her I wasn’t a big fan of it and that I didn’t know her sense of humour. I think it was more of me not getting to know her sense of humour but she now knows that it wasn’t okay.

Who are you rooting for?

At this very moment… No one!

Who do you think isn’t deserving of a win?

Karen. Sorry! I think that she’s playing a great $20,000 game though. I think she’s someone that can be carried all the way to the end, but to win? I don’t think she’d be the best representative for this season.

What’s your plan for jury? Any hopes of influencing anyone?

I came from a season where we wanted the best person to represent our season. I feel that I would do the same thing, especially with me leaving so early. I don’t think that there’s any influencing that I can do, other than to back people up when it gets to the final three. I’m the type of person who understands that everyone made it there for a reason and I will defend every single person who makes it to the final three. I want to hear everyone’s jury stories when they come in and learn how they left. Hopefully, we have a really great season five winner that I can be proud to lose to.

What was your favourite moment inside the house this season?

I don’t know if I could say that getting out was a favourite moment, it was definitely very memorable. But it was very heartwarming to see the houseguests give me a birthday surprise in the morning before they evicted. Also to get the love from the live studio audience where they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. That is very memorable for me because no one has done that for my birthday.

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