Big Brother Exit Interview: Ramses Sotto

big brother ramses sotto

big brother ramses sotto

This past Thursday’s (July 27) episode of Big Brother saw the majority of the houseguests going against then-Head of Household Jessica by voting to evict Ramses over her actual target Josh. We caught up with Ramses to discuss the blindside, how long he thinks that Paul will last in the house and why he doesn’t think Josh deserves to win the game.

How blindsided were you from that eviction vote? When did you realize that Paul may have been orchestrating a move to save Josh?

I could feel all the tension within the house, I could feel that stuff was going down a few days ago and that’s when I started campaigning my butt off. Hours before, you can really feel people’s vibes, and you can kind of tell if they’re telling you the truth or not, and at that point, you gotta have faith. There’s really not much you can do because at that point people already have their minds set.

A few nights ago I was by the jacuzzi with Cody and he was playing pool, and he was giving me some looks, and I was kind of sketched out. I should have gone around the house and tried to show that I didn’t trust Jess and Cody. But I feel like when Paul is sketched out and has an agenda, he’s going to follow through with that no matter what.

What exactly did you do to campaign to stay in the house? Were there certain houseguests you tried to make deals with? Any talk with Paul?

I didn’t really make deals with anybody because at first everyone was telling me that I’m good [and going to stay] and not a pawn. I thought if I could tell people that I was on their side, I don’t really have to make deals because I don’t wanna make deals and then break it the next week. I had a lot of conversations to convince them that I’m the best for their game right now. I had a lot of conversations with Elena and Mark and had a good feeling about them. I had a few conversations with Paul, but he was sketchy from the beginning and I don’t know how to deal with him — because he is just so controlling over the house.

How much longer do you think Paul will last? It was one vet versus all the newbies… What went wrong?

Living with the guy, you forget that he’s a vet. I feel like I was the only one who kept in mind that this guy knows what he’s doing. Paul has a way of kind of trancing you into this way of thinking that he’s on your side and that he has the experience to help you out in the game, so he has a hold on pretty much everyone in the house. Game wise, he talks with everyone in the house and that’s something that’s really helping him stay in the game because nobody is going to want to get him out because they think he’s on their side.

Do you think Josh actually stands a chance in this game or is he just a pawn to anger Cody and Jessica?

I truly think that he’s definitely a pawn to mess with Cody and Jessica. I don’t think that game wise, he’ll be doing anything good. He’s mostly just going to be there to stir stuff up until Paul wants to get rid of him. Josh is really still there just to mess stuff up.

Is there anyone that you are rooting for to go far in the game? Is there anyone who you hope doesn’t win?

I really want to see Elena make it very far. I get really good vibes from her and think she can put some plans into motion to play this game well. She’s not all that she seems like she’s great at competitions and her brain is always working — it’s always on with her. Paul has an amazing game and if I as in the jury, I would vote for him. I hope that Josh doesn’t win. He’s really disrespectful and rude. He really doesn’t deserve to be in there right now.

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