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Big Brother Canada Wrap Up with Winner Kevin Martin

big brother canada kevin martin winner

big brother canada kevin martin winner

Kevin Martin was the big winner on Thursday night (May 18) as the returning player won the fifth season of Big Brother Canada, with a 9-0 vote against Karen Singbeil.

We caught up with Kevin in the HOH room on the day following finale night to chat about his moves this season, his friendship with William and what he thought of the twists this season.

What was the hardest move you had to make this season?

The hardest move that I had to make this season was at the final five, when I had the Power of Veto and the HOH. Pulling Ika off the block was a tough decision. In hindsight, I wish that I had changed my replacement nominee, but it worked out because I won! Thank god. I definitely made some strategical errors along the way, but the hardest move was using that veto at the final five.

What was your best move this season?

My best move was at the final five where I had made a fake final two deal with Dillon for the purposes of him maybe throwing the challenge or giving him some complacency in the house so he’d feel more comfortable. Sure enough, during that Baywatch challenge, he didn’t try his hardest because he really felt that I was going to take him to the final two. It was a complete lie! I was taking Karen the entire time. That was one of my better plays.

So you knew that they weren’t going to give it to Karen?

Yes. I had a sense. I respect what Karen did. Coming in here at 53, she did awesome. But, I know how the jury perceived her and it wasn’t going to be close.

Neda was the first person on the jury. She still seemed very upset about it during finale night.

There’s a lot of hard feelings between the cast members! I don’t know what happened in jury or why people have hard feelings towards each other. I like to keep the pettiness at a minimal. I respect Neda as a person. I respect Ika as a person. If they can’t get along? They should just settle it.

Let’s get some honesty about William. That poor guy.

In this house, William was my best friend outside of Bruno. We had so much fun together. We were attracted to each other. It was fun. It was light. It was flirty. But at the end of it, game was number one for me. I was playing for the win from the start. I had sensed that there were feelings and it could go farther, but it was the game for me.

Was there anyone’s jury vote you were worried about?

Dillon. I thought Dillon was going to vote for Karen. Especially how dirty I did him with making that final two deal. I was worried about him and William. I didn’t know if William was going to be bitter. Truly, Ika and Demetres as well — I didn’t know either as they were really close to Karen. To get the “9-0” vote felt so good. It really did!

Any plans with the money?

Chill. Invest it. I’m going to put that bad boy away. I might splurge one weekend or two weekends where I’ll take some family out to dinner but I want to use that in a very smart way.

Check out some more Q&A in the clip below.


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