Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Gary Levy

big brother canada gary 2017

big brother canada gary 2017

Gary Levy’s second chance (or third if you can’t his season one return) was cut short this past week on Big Brother Canada as he was evicted from the BBCAN Odyssey. Gary chats about his disappointment with Demetres, who’ll turn on Neda first and his favourite moment from this past season!

Which houseguest disappointed you the most?

I think the houseguest that disappointed me the most would have to be Demetres because he didn’t keep his word. He told me 100% that he’d keep me in the house and he didn’t stick to it. All of Canada, the houseguests and myself, see that he’s not trustworthy!

Did anyone’s gameplay surprise you in a good way?

I think Ika, once I had talked to her, was able to turn down the sass a little bit…but that was when I was in the house with her, now it might turn back up! It was interesting to see how calm she was with the things that annoyed her. She didn’t clap back. I was proud to see that growth in her.

You said it best when you said that “you don’t know who the real villain is until you watch the show!” Which is so true… who do you think the villain is?

I’m not sure. Everyone has a sassy side to them but there’s definitely some people who stand out more than others. You guys know who they are! I don’t need to say any names. [Laughs]

What went wrong with Neda? At what point did you realize you couldn’t work with her?

I realized that I couldn’t work with her when she didn’t use the veto to take me off the block. I think that would have really solidified in my game her actions… that we could work together and really dominate. But she wasn’t about it. I don’t know if it was her ego or if she could trust me. She didn’t think it was beneficial for her to work with me. I think she knows that I’m a loyal person, so I think that there was something else getting in the way of her making that decision to keep me in the house, besides game.

Did you feel that early on?

As soon as I walked in the house, I felt the vibe that she was not going to work with me at all. I knew immediately. I felt a divide with her. But I was hoping to have the chance to talk to her and steer her, but she never opened up those avenues or windows of opportunity to talk. It was just cold.

Did you have any hesitation in returning to the house for this season?

Not at all. Big Brother Canada is an amazing opportunity and platform. It reaches so many people and I have such a unique personality and story, I think that having me on television helps a lot of people. And it’s a fun game to play!

When did things go wrong between yourself and Dre?

I think that things got weird between us when I talked about her in the veto ceremony. I told the truth. I told Dre afterwards that I never lied, “I just told the truth. You did campaign to keep Cassandra here and let the houseguests know and I let Neda know.” I think at that moment we started to separate and there was a little bit of animosity and a little bit of feeling of disappointment and anger towards me. But I always loved Dre and I wish her the best in the game. Do I think she’s going to win? No. But I do think she’s going to make it pretty far.

What would Ika and Karen need to do to stay out inside and get the upper hand?

They’re gonna have to control their pettiness and their sexiness and try to be nice, polite ladies…which is going to be very hard for them because they love to tell it like it is. They say what they mean and they mean what they say. I think that if they want to stay longer, they will have to work on their social games a little bit more. Be a little bit more integrated with everyone. I always tell Karen, “You need to coexist!” And she separates herself a lot, which isn’t great for her social game.

The vets usually stick together, who do you think was the first vet to ditch this mentality and go rogue?

I think that Neda was the first one to not be down with that alliance. Then it went down the totem poll. Cassandra and I were down for that alliance. We’re loyal to things like this and it was really appealing to us. But I think there was a lot of people who wanted to exercise different options.

The slop puck situation was very vicious. Why did this become so savage? 

I don’t know. It got really messy. It got really real. People were showing their true colours. It was hard for me because there was no one else who got close to 48 chips. I was in a league  of my own. Seeing all those cookies in one box, really hit me hard. I felt that nobody wanted me around and everyone wanted me to be miserable. I felt that I had no friends in the house. It really made me feel really low. I think that was one of my lowest points in the house.

But less low when you saw the backwards week twist!

Exactly. It was backwards week and then there was a high again… I’m not a have not! “Bitches, it’s backwards week and I’m not eating slop! I’m eating gourmet again. You all can eat it.” I thought that was really nice that it worked out for me.

Who do you think will be the first person to betray Neda once her immunity is done.

I mean, I’m not really confirmed on who’s working with Neda, but I think that Sindy is a smart girl and she’s not going to take Neda’s crap any longer. I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned and made sure that she was looking out for herself. Sindy is very loyal and she can follow something where she can work with Neda until the end but I think she’ll be smart and make sure that she’s looking out for herself as well.

Did you have a favourite moment inside the house this season?

My favourite moment, hands down, would have to be showing Canada my true colours in my alien costume…showing them what’s on the inside…It was so much fun being in that vision and element. It was just so much fun with my makeup, costume, hands and crown! I really had fun living in my alien fantasy!

Big Brother Canada airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global. Catch up with the episodes on GlobalTV.com, Global Go and On Demand. The live feeds are online at bigbrothercanada.ca.


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