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maki moto big brother canada exit interview

In a tense eviction episode last night (March 14), Toronto’s Maki Moto was the second houseguest to be sent home this season on Big Brother Canada. When the results of Maki’s fellow houseguests’ vote ended in a tie, it was up to Head of Household Dane to cast the final vote, evicting Maki and keeping Kyra in the house.

We caught up with Maki following his eviction.

A tie! That’s clearly a house divided… Can you walk us through what caused this division in the house so soon? Usually, we are used to unanimous votes early on.  

I truly believe that the people who were on my side wanted me [to stay]because I’m a good competitor and they wanted me to be a good soldier to fight the good fight. Everyone else on the other side was afraid of me and thought of me as a threat, even though I didn’t know the game that well. I don’t even consider myself a competitor! But, I clearly proved myself in the competitions and in that sense, I can see where the divide comes.

Do you regret telling Dane you’d put him on the block?

I don’t regret saying that I put him on the block because sometimes people need a taste of their own medicine! Strategy-wise, I thought he’d be the type of man that if he wanted to put me on the block for one reason, I would assume he’d feel the same way if I did the same.

How safe did you feel before that meeting?

I felt quite safe before that meeting. He swore on something bigger than him that he’d keep me safe and that I wouldn’t go home. For the most part, I felt pretty secure in that conversation.

So, you felt good after that meeting?

Yes, I felt good after that meeting. For sure!

The show introduced a new twist this season where the Head of Household isn’t able to compete in the Power of Veto competition – what was the reaction of the house? How do you think it impacted certain strategies?

The people that do follow the game well were very surprised because normally that’s how it plays out, that the HOH can play in the POV. That being said, one of Dane’s reasoning for putting me on the block was that he and I could go into the POV together, so we’d have a better chance at winning and taking me off. It definitely took a soldier that I thought was on my side away from the battlefield. People were confused. They were put on their toes. The ones that truly thought they knew how to play were put on their toes… That’s for sure!

Whose goodbye message was the hardest for you to watch? Who will you miss the most?

Estefania’s for sure. I didn’t think she would cry. I’m very surprised that she was affected like that. It just goes to show how much of a good person she is and how raw she is. Even though we met for only a week, or two, it shows how deep connections can get in the house. I really appreciate the love that she showed me.

What’s your dream “plague” scenario for that house? Who are you hoping gets voted out next?

I would love to see Sam go home. She definitely stirred a lot of trouble in the house. I would also love for Dane to have his lesson learned…for being a spineless man and not keeping his word. The type of plague would definitely be a Shakespearean old-world one where monsters that were asleep for thousands of years come out and spook the hell out of the people who thought they were safe!

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