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big brother jessica graf

Jessica Graf found herself as the evicted houseguest this past week on Big Brother, even though Elena was HOH  Josh’s intended target. We caught up with Jessica following her eviction about how she told warned Josh about being Paul’s puppet, how Alex deserves to be blindsided when the house turns on her and how it felt being awarded the last temptation by the audience.

Josh was such a cry baby. He sure could dish it out but he could never take it, could he? It must have been hard to remain composed whenever he came for you guys.

The hardest part about Josh coming after me is that speaking to him literally made you lose IQ points. None of it was logical to me. A lot of people in the house felt like that. He just wanted to keep having the same conversations over and over again. It literally drove me insane.

Would you agree that the other houseguests enabled Josh’s childish behaviour? Especially Alex? How do you think he will feel when he realizes that Paul used him as one of those toy monkeys that clapped with cymbals? Winding him up whenever he needed to stir the pot with you and Cody.

I started saying towards the end that Paul had a pet dog, and his dog was the type of chase his own tail and eat his own poop. I had my own dog, I had my marine and I knew he would fight for me and with me an I never used him as a tool in the house. Josh on the other hand, is going to think those friendships are genuine. I said that to him so many times. I told him to stop being such a puppet. Josh said he knew that but didn’t make any effort to change it. There’s no way in hell he’s going to win that grand prize.

It took Paul’s side of the house this long to get you out. What do you think will happen once they get Cody out? They’ll have to turn on each other eventually. How do you think that will play out? Maybe go for Mark but then what?

During that big explosion where everyone attacked Cody and I — I could have very easily turned the table and called Paul out about making a deal to make Alex the next target. But the reason I didn’t do that because I don’t want Alex to see it coming, I want her to be blindsided. She’s still at the top of everyone’s hit list.

How did it feel when America (and Canada!) voted for you to have the last temptation? With it just being yourself and Cody against the rest of the house, were you worried at all about how the audience felt?

I was always worried about how the audience felt. Coming into the game, I knew I’d have to be the underdog at least at some point. Although I didn’t expect to be it for half of the season. Getting the last temptation validated that I wasn’t doing everything for nothing. It was exactly what I needed at that point in time to keep me going. It made it all worthwhile.

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