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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Dinis Freitas

dinis freitas big brother canada exit interview season 12

Dinis Freitas, the 44-year-old textile designer from Toronto, was the latest houseguest to be evicted on Big Brother Canada. The TV Watercooler spoke with Dinis about Anthony’s cockiness, forgiving Vivek, and if the rest of the Girls’ “alliance” are on to Victoria.

There seemed to be some hope when you sat down with the girls and Victoria even agreed that a “flip on a backdoor” would be legendary. Why don’t you think that ended up being successful?

The girls are still operating in fear. We talked about it. They kept admitting it to me and they just can’t seem to break out of it – and I’m trying to understand why. There has to be something rational or logistic about this! I feel like there’s a mole that’s causing paranoia because information keeps getting slipped out that they’ve talked about, and that’s what I think… That they’re not secure.

Did the girls at least tell you how the votes were going to go?

I campaigned. There was a pre-campaign, campaign, and post-campaign. And in my post-campaign, I made them tell me. “If you’re voting or not, just let me know.” And so, I knew the girls could not. It’s not that they didn’t want to. They could not vote for me [to stay].

You said you weren’t sure if you’d ever forgive Vivek. I don’t think there’s any viewer who would expect you to. How are you doing in terms of that betrayal right now?

I kind of understand why he did what he did. I get it! But like, what he did was just on a different level.

Like, “Dude, I sat with you. I compromised my game and sat with you. Pulled you out of a hole that you were spiralling and gave you tools to sort of look at the game differently and even campaigned for you and rehabilitated your image.”

I don’t get why he did what he did. I offered him so much support, and I came [to him] with resources.

I don’t want to be sad. I don’t want to be angry as a human being… And I said that in my speech.

I want that space in me to do it [to forgive Vivek]. It makes me sad to think that I won’t be able to. I have told him in the game, “I may ignore you, but if you keep trying – that effort tells me a lot. So, just keep trying.” We’ll see.

Anthony’s goodbye message seemed so cruel. Are people just handing him a win this season? There’s so much cockiness.

Cockiness! Yup. It’s a little arrogant. I feel that sentiment is shared among many people, so I feel secure in saying he’s a little arrogant. Also, you don’t operate in a vacuum. “This is not all you. There are people who’ve run the comps that you’re not winning.”

He’s surrounded with people, just like in season seven, you won the things that needed to be won.

I can appreciate his gameplay. Very good gamplay. But they are his minions. There’s a reason why he works on certain houseguests and it did not work with me. And that’s why I was ultimately targeted.

Do you think Victoria was ever serious about saving you? Or do you think she’s only loyal to Anthony? If so, do you think the rest of the girls are on to her?

I’m thinking more and more that she is with him. I knew they had to be. They’re All-Stars. As a fan, I know there can be pre-game. I know they have to come in knowing they’re a target. They have this experience and a connection, but I don’t know how big that connection is.

As for the rest of the girls, they know something is up. I don’t know if they think it’s her. During my “block talk,” Lexus wasn’t there. So, I think they’re throwing [around] the impression that [the leak] could be Lexus when the suspicion should be on Spicy Vee. That’s something they need to figure out and it will be interesting to watch in the next couple of weeks!

Who do you miss the most already?


But, you know what? The entire house. Really, there’s a lot of energy there, even if it’s insufferable.

What was your favourite memory from your time in the Big Brother Canada house?

We actuall spoke about this at dinner once, I don’t know if it aired. We had a dinner and we were talking about [our favourite memory], and my favourite memory is my first time walking through those doors because all I remember is the doors opening and it was just a bright white light! And that to me, encompassed the possibilities, the unkown, and me just diving into this experience, and just all what that energy meant.

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