Student Bodies Cast to Reunite at Fan Expo for 20th Anniversary

student bodies reunion fan expo

student bodies reunion fan expo

One of your favourite shows from the ‘90s is set for a reunion! Cast members of Student Bodies will reunite at Toronto’s Fan Expo on Saturday, September 2. Set at the fictional Edison High, Student Bodies told the story of a group of students who worked for the student newspaper. The series blended live-action with animations as thoughts and imaginations (way before Lizzie McGuire!). Although it was set in high school, the show didn’t shy away from serious topics like breast implants and alcoholism.

The Montreal-shot series aired for three seasons between 1997 and 1999 on both YTV and Global. Student Bodies also enjoyed a run in the U.S. on Fox. Throughout the years, reruns have also aired on Showcase and MTV2. It’s currently re-airing on ABC Spark each weeknight from 6 to 8 p.m.!

student bodies reunion fan expo

Confirmed cast members in attendance for a Q&A, photo-op and autographs include Jamie Elman (Cody), Nicole Lyn (Emily), Mark Taylor (Romeo), Mik Perlus (Viktor), Ross Hull (Chris), Katie McIninch (Mags — was previously credited as Katie Emme), Jessica Goldapple (Flash) and Victoria Sanchez (Grace). The reunion will be held at Metro Toronto Convention Centre’s Room 701A. For updates leading up to the event, visit the show’s reunion Facebook page here.

Cast members have kept busy since the show wrapped 17 years ago. Ross Hull can be seen as a Meteorologist on Global News. Victoria Sanchez recently appeared on CBC’s Bellevue. Mark Taylor had guest spots on two Toronto-shot shows American Gothic and Beauty and the Beast. Nicole Lyn is a successful DJ (Ms Nix). Jamie Elman has appeared on a number of shows over the years, including Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mad Men, The Young and the Restless and Covert Affairs — and has also a successful web series, YidLife Crisis. Mik Perlus is a writer and producer who has worked on Instant Star, Splatalot and Open Heart. Erin Simms, who played Morgan, is now a producer, who most recently worked on the Jane Fonda/Robert Redford reunion pic Our Souls At Night and the upcoming Book Club starring Jane Fonda and Alicia Silverstone.

No word yet if Jennifer Finnigan (Kim) will attend, although she has been in Toronto filming her Global/CBS summer series Salvation! Finnigan has also been the lead on a number of other programs throughout the years, including Tyrant, Close to Home and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Okay, so now that you’re feeling nostalgic you might want to check out the YouTube series You Me & YTV which features interviews with some of the Student Bodies cast members over the course of the past two years.


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