Big Brother Canada Wrap Up: Cassandra & Gary

big brother canada cassandra gary

big brother canada cassandra gary

Here’s a fun chat with Cassandra and Gary following the Big Brother Canada season five finale. Cass & Gary discuss their thoughts on Kevin winning and getting to watch the rest of the season from home.

Do you guys think that the most deserving person won?

Cassandra: Well, Gary and I got evicted early…so… I’m joking. I’m joking.

Well, did you want someone else to win?

Gary: Honestly, it would have been nice to see either Ika or Karen win. I think that Karen played a good game. To make it to final two, you’ve gotta do something. Right? But I’m happy that Kevin won.

Was it fair what he did to William?

Gary: I don’t think he did anything wrong. I think it takes two people to cuddle. So, I think that Kevin and William are in it together.

You guys got to go home and watch the show this time around.

Cassandra: It was so cool! This season, we got out early, which wasn’t what we wanted but we got to experience the show with everyone else across the country that watch it and support us. It was so cool to be a part of that.

Gary: Yeah, it was so cool to ride the wave with people as it was happening. It was fun. Obviously, we wanted to be in the house longer.

Cassandra: How good of a final two would it have been with us?!

Gary: Yeah, that would have been fun. We would look so fabulous.

What was your favourite thing to watch?

Cassandra: Okay — one of my favourite moments was my moment with Ika when I was so delusional with Ika where I was winking at her and saying “We have the votes, right?” And she’s like “No! We don’t have the votes.” That was a really funny moment for me in the house. I also loved when I got to pop back on the screen and say “I’m back, bitches!” And my BFF Gary defended by butt to the house.

Gary: That was a good moment to watch. I also loved it when the people thought they were going to put me on slop, but it was backwards week! I loved that because I felt like crap.

Yeah when Neda dropped all her slop cookies! Were you happy to watch her eviction?

Cassandra: I mean, if that was anyone, it would have been entertaining. But since it was her, it was marvellous to watch. I had to put my wine glass down!

Gary: Just because Neda had that safety to jury, having that in general was frustrating because you couldn’t even mention her name as a target. I think that just having that barrier for Neda as a game move, made her untouchable.

Do you think it went to her head?

Gary: I feel like it affected her on a lot of levels.

Cassandra: I feel like receiving that power would to an extent… It could easily get to someone’s head because you’re like “Canada voted for me to get this power.” But she didn’t manage it in the best way, or else she wouldn’t have been evicted as soon as that expired.

Check out a clip of Cassandra and Gary answering more questions below.


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