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eddie lin big brother canada exit interview

Montreal’s Eddie Lin was the second houseguest to be evicted in Thursday’s (March 28) double eviction episode of Big Brother Canada after being put up on the block by Adam. We spoke to super-fan Eddie about who he grew the closest to inside the house and why he thinks Adam wasted his HOH and double eviction.

Many were so heartbroken to see you go! You were definitely not boring at all to watch. How did you feel after you were evicted and saw the audience cheer for you? Did seeing that fan support make the eviction a little easier on you?

Yes, definitely! It was very shocking to me to see how much the audience liked me because I didn’t yet get a chance to make any big moves. So, it was very touching for me and it means a lot to me. Personally, I would have rather gone further in the game, but I guess I can trade not going that far and have had that support last night. It was such an emotional and touching moment for me to know that I had so much support in Canada. It definitely made the eviction process so much easier. 

Who do you think was the hardest person or group of people to connect with?

Adam and Sam, definitely. To be honest, during week one, I genuinely wanted to work with Adam. I went into the house with the strategy of having an all-guys alliance. I guess they started that alliance without me… Which is fine! [Laughs] I just couldn’t connect with Adam. He didn’t take the offer. He seemed like a very nice guy week one but as the time in the house went on, he became more and more douchey. I didn’t like how he and Sam used scare tactics towards other people to have them obey them.

Who made it easy for you to connect with? Who are you looking forward to seeing again after the game is over?

Definitely Kailyn. She’s my girl! She’s so nice and is like a motherly figure to me. I was so sad to see her go. I know that sometimes we didn’t agree on a lot of things, and sometimes she saw me as a person who didn’t stand up to Adam and Sam enough as I should have, I really liked her support for me in the game and see her as a true friend. I loved hearing about her true story, her children, and everything that she has been through. She’s definitely the person who I’d like to reconnect with the most after this game. She seems very genuine to me.

What was the most fun moment inside the house?

The most fun moment in the house was definitely the moment where I hosted the POV competition. As a super-fan, I was dying to host a competition for so long! Dressing in a beaver costume and making fun of people when they dropped into the water was such a fun experience for me!

Do you think that Adam took an easy way out this week? Could he have made a bigger move?

Yes! I definitely feel that Adam took an easy way out this week because a double eviction is usually the time where you evict a very big threat, right? Because the big threat doesn’t have the time to campaign and save themselves. I definitely think that Adam wasted his HOH on me because I was the lone wolf inside that house. I had even made it very clear that I had no allies. I had literally been trying to show the house how much of a lone wolf I was in the past two days leading up to the double eviction because I had speculated that there would be a double eviction. I actually sat down by myself in front of the other groups to show them how much of a lone wolf I was. I was hoping to show them that they shouldn’t use a great opportunity like a double eviction to get me out!

I guess that strategy did not work for Adam. He wanted an easy way out and keep the house the same. I know Adam has a lot of allies. He’s got the all-guys alliance, but I really wish that he could have used this chance to take out Dane. I really see Dane as a more dangerous player than Adam and he could have really used this opportunity to backdoor him. I guess he just wanted me out!

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