Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Chelsea Bird


chelsea bird big brother canada exit interview

Big Brother Canada held this season’s first double eviction on Thursday (March 28) night with Edmonton’s Chelsea Bird being sent home first in a unanimous vote where the house chose to keep Kyra. We had to chance to speak with Chelsea following her eviction to discuss why the house voted her out unanimously, if she did anything to secure herself during her reign as HOH last week and who will turn on the guys’ alliance first.

Were you expecting the vote to be unanimous?

Yeah, I was. It’s still fairly early in the game, so no one wants to declare who they’re working with, whose side they are on, or anything of that nature. I wasn’t having any expecting anyone to keep me in.

Why do you think the house’s mind was so made up that they couldn’t be swayed to keep you?

I think people decided that I was a target. I think I showed my cards during my HOH – that I was strong in my decisions. I think that people were threatened by that. I think that’s a big reason why I was seen as a target. Also, because of the initial perception that Sam, Adam and myself were a trio. It was necessary to break that up and break off somebody that was “strong.”

Did you do anything during your HOH reign last week to make sure that you would have been safe this week?

I tried to set myself up well for the next few weeks. I did have a backdoor plan, but I tried to strategically leave people in on it as the week went on, so they felt that they were included. That way, it didn’t seem like I was scheming or going behind anybody’s back. I thought that the more people I included in that plan, the more people would think they were a part of it and no one would feel like they were left out. The hope was that no one would target me.

Who will you miss the most? Who did you form the biggest bond with inside the house?

It’s weird… These people drive you crazy, but you get so close to them – so fast! I will truly miss everybody. Sam, Adam, and Kyra were the people who I was really the closest to in the house. Those connections were really strong. So, I’ll miss them the most. 

When and who do you think will finally take on the guys’ alliance?

I think that if anyone can, it will probably be Kyra because Kyra is not super-tied to any of the guys and will be able to emotionally detach and make their plan of attack actually happen. As for when I hope that it is soon! The sooner, the better.

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