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steve big brother season 20 exit interview

Steve Arienta, the undercover cop from New Jersey, was the first houseguest to be evicted this season on Big Brother, following a 7 to 6 vote during Thursday (July 5) night’s live eviction episode.

We got the chance to speak with Steve following his eviction to see how he feels on having “the bros” turning on him, Kaitlyn becoming Head of Household, and the hardest part about being inside the Big Brother house.

Why do you think the Brett and Winston flipped on you?

To tell you the truth though, I’m proud of them. I think that they saw an opportunity to weaken Faysal and Swaggy’s alliance by one. So, instead of taking the easy way out and doing what I was asking them to do — keeping me on — they were able to sniff out the fact that I was getting close to Faysal and Swaggy and eliminate a number that was guaranteed for them, later on. For them, it was actually a very brazen, but intelligent, move. I’m proud of them for making it. It’s been an awesome season so far!

Who was the hardest person to connect with inside the house?

Everybody in the house is awesome and so nice. I think the toughest person in the house for me, maybe not to connect with, but talk game with, was JC. Every time you talk to him about game, he rambles on about how he was going to go with what the house wanted to do. I couldn’t decipher if that was strategy or if he was a floater. I kept trying to do it but I kept getting that same answer. So, if it was strategy, then kudos! Because, I’m sitting here confused!

At least you tried, right?

Absolutely, bro. Good people though. JC is hysterical. He’s a funny dude. I love him. He’s great!

It was easier for you to connect with Scottie. You guys got close. Did you give him any advice in case you were evicted?

I tell ya, we discussed it. ‘Cause if you’re on the block, you discuss this stuff. His answer [to me being evicted]was “If you go, I’m in real trouble because I did not see this coming!”

Oh, no!

Yeah! I know! I love Scottie. He’s gotta come through this. My advice to him, honestly, was “If I go, you’ve gotta understand that it’s the bro’s that focused on me. You’ll be looking at two muscle dudes who got me out.” And Scottie already knew it. He’s a strategist. He saw that.

How do you think Kaitlyn reign as HOH will be? Are you willing to predict any targets?

Oh, now that I know Kaitlyn’s the HOH… This is the first time I’m hearing this, but I think that it’s going to be awesome! She’s going to be out for blood. She and I grew close. I was kind of like a surrogate father to her in that house. When I got voted out, I saw the look of absolute shock on her face. Absolute shock. I think she’ll be hunting for whomever she believes had something to do with [voting me out]from our side of the alliance. Listen, I’m pumped up to see it!

As a former undercover cop, you must be a good judge of character. Were you surprised by anyone after getting to know them better this past week?

Honestly, no. I know some of them lied to me about the things that they do for a living! I think that Winston is more than just a salesman! But that really doesn’t matter to me. I didn’t really need to matter inside the house. But the fact that the dishonesty was there, lead me to know that Winston wouldn’t have a problem to pull the trigger and get me out. I was able to gauge to see who’d be able to take that shot and I saw Winston and Brett being able to do so. They got me! It was a great move. I love the fact that on this season of Big Brother they are making big moves early. I’m going to sit back and enjoy the show!

Other than missing your loved ones, what was the hardest part about being inside the house?

I can tell you two things… One, humour-wise, I’m gonna say that not being able to sing, whistle, or hum — that sucks. It’s tough! The other thing I can tell you that it’s just so weird being thrown in with 16 strangers and everybody just has to share a bed and the same toilet. That is hard to get through your head until you are actually there. That’s wild. The communal toilet is where you have to go. Then, there’s a couch in the bathroom! That couch is so comfortable, but then you can’t use the restroom with 15 people hanging out there! It’s weird.

Big Brother will air Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT, Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT (special time this week), and Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global and CBS.


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