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kathryn dunn big brother 21 exit interview

Kathryn Dunn was the latest houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Kat will head to the jury house as the 21st season wraps up next month and will help crown the winner. We got the chance to talk to Kat following her eviction on Thursday (August 15) night to discuss how she and Holly knew each other, how far the new six-member alliance will last and which characteristic she’s looking for in a winner.

At what point did you realize that you were being evicted?

I had a feeling from the nominations, really. The only saving grace would’ve been in Christie staying on the block and when Tommy won the veto and took Christie off, I realized I was pretty much screwed.

Did you give any advice to Jessica and Nicole before leaving?

Yeah, [I did] and Nicole took it and totally used my words against me. I mean, I wanted them both to stay in the game and play and know they have the ability… I’m just really disappointed in Nicole because I was trying to give her a pep talk. I think that she’s amazing and has the ability to win, and has an opportunity to play a game her family and students are proud of. But, she misconstrued [what I had told her]and told everyone that I said that she was a disgrace to her family and friends. So, when that happened, I realized she’s just been playing the victim this whole time and it made me lose a lot of respect for her.

Those of us in Canada won’t have acmes to the extended interview with Julie. Could you please let us know how you and Holly knew each other?

We were really just acquaintances. We know each other through pageants and some modelling work. But really as far as how much we knew each other and got to know each other in the house, we were really at the same level as everyone else in the house. We just knew of each other coming in, so it was easier to establish a connection and a relationship.

How far do you think this new six-member alliance will last? Who do you think they’ll turn on first?

I don’t think they’re gonna last even a week to be honest. I think that if Jackson (aka Michie), Holly, or Jess were to win HOH, then they’re for sure already gonna scramble and make a new alliance. But I guess if they are to stick together, I could honestly see them turning on Nick and evicting him first. If they do stick together, they’ll probably evict Jackson next.

What were your thoughts on the Field Trip competition between Michie, Christie, and Analyse? Do you think they were chosen by the viewers because they liked them?

No. I took them as a red flag for Christie and Sis’ game specifically. Because Christie is seen as a leader in the house and running things, It thought maybe she was playing a meaner game then we had seen in the house. And the same with Sis, who really doesn’t talk that much. With Jackson, I just want to say if the viewers did choose him because they don’t like him, I hope he’s able to make more of a comeback story before he leaves the house. I think he has a lot of growing up to do but I don’t necessarily think he’s a bad person. Then again, the viewers know more than I do, so maybe I’m wrong.

Was it fair that Tommy was able to pull off the Third Nominee? How do you think you would have fared against Christie?

Some people in the house were saying how the third nominee thing was unfair to Christie, but I disagree. If America voted for her because they didn’t like her or her gameplay, then I think she doesn’t deserve to be there more than anyone else in the house. I was hoping there would be a twist where Tommy couldn’t take her off, but unfortunately, he did and that’s why I’m here.

As a member of the jury, what would be the key characteristics you are looking for in terms of helping crown a winner?

Clean gameplay. I think it’s really easy to make dirty moves in the house to get ahead and personally that’s something I don’t respect. I do know there was a way to get in the final two by playing a clean game so hopefully, that will prevail.

With whom did you form the closest bond?

Definitely Jess and Holly. And I also will say that because of our relationship and because we had to sit down and hash things out as much as we did, I did form a right relationship with Jackson. So definitely, Jess, Cliff, Holly, and then, all things considered, Jackson.

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