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The TV Watercooler had the opportunity to participate in a panel interview alongside two other Canadian outlets following Thursday (Oct. 1) triple eviction episode of Big Brother: All-Stars. David Alexander explains why he thinks Memphis wanted him out from the start, his strategy during the first half of the game and how the other houseguests believed he flipped his vote during Ian’s eviction.

Why do you think certain houseguests always wanted you out of the game?

I felt like Kevin and I were easy targets. We weren’t threats. We were some of the few who couldn’t win comps to save our lives. We did have limited moments where we would win, but I felt that we were part of the big alliance. Ultimately, we were low on the totem pole. We had to do something to change that, like win an HOH and flip the house. It’s what we were trying to do… It was what I was trying to do. Even if I left as a result, I just wanted to flip the house so bad.

To the houseguests that wanted to get me out over and over again, it was just weak game. Why don’t you go after someone who could win comps and would be a bigger target? To go after people who can’t win comps and to go into the final six with comp beasts, it just seems like a not so smart move. I would have just taken someone like myself and thought “okay, I’ll just beat him when it’s final six or something,” but, I lost.

Memphis had targeted you from the start. What do you think had rubbed him the wrong way about you?

I think that he might have felt like I wasn’t an All-Star. I think the logic in his mind was something like “well, he was banished day one. He couldn’t win the two comps to get back in the house [during his season].” My thought process on him was that he didn’t respect my All-Star status and was someone who needed to go because I shouldn’t be in the same Big Brother house as him.

Why didn’t anyone try to break up that big alliance throughout the season?

Ultimately, there’s a lot of fluid houseguests this season. If I had a chance to win, I would have shifted that. Tyler kept telling me that you have to win HOH to do something. That was pretty much them saying “we’re throwing comps because we don’t need to win.” That’s what I took it as. I understood that, and I didn’t win the comp that I needed to really shift things in the house and to really gain them as a stronger ally than someone who is just in the mix.

Towards the end, you were ready to align yourself with others but at the beginning you weren’t ready for that. What was your strategy in the first half of this game?

Because of my experience last year, I was so fearful of anything that would be perceived as threatening. I thought that anything that I would do would lead me to be nominated and evicted. I didn’t have the past experience that other houseguests had. I was very afraid to talk game or strategize with other players. My experience last year was not talking game or speaking too much at one moment and getting myself evicted. I had to get comfortable, and by the time I got comfortable, I was very low on the totem pole and anything that I tried to do, like work with Christmas or try to figure out a way to work with Cody, or build better trust with Da’Vonne, I really felt that I was out, and I couldn’t win comps to offset that.

We could all see that it visually crushed you that your fellow houseguests didn’t believe you when you adamantly stated again and again that you did not flip, you didn’t vote for Ian to leave the game. Heading into jury, what will your first conversation about this topic with Da’Vonne sound like?

Da’Vonne, I’ve been trying to work with you ever since early on in this game. You didn’t trust me. You felt like I wasn’t loyal. You felt like I was in the mix with everyone else. But, I really wasn’t. I was looking for someone that I could really trust and work with to a degree. Voting Ian out was my defining moment. It was my sacrifice for the team. It was me saying, “Hey, I’m with you guys.” But when it didn’t work out, I was like, damn. I just saw chess being played by the other players and was admiring it. I can’t even have a moment to do something – it’s already being played against me.

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