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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Victoria Woghiren and Rohan Kapoor (Double Eviction)

big brother canada double eviction interview victoria rohan
big brother canada double eviction interview victoria rohan

Hamilton’s Victoria Woghiren and Toronto’s Rohan Kapoor were evicted during Big Brother Canada’s double eviction episode last night (April 8). We got a chance to speak with Victoria and Rohan as they head to the jury house.

Why have Jedson and Tychon been treated like such a big threat this season? Ty and Jed have only got one veto each if I’m not mistaken.

Victoria: I think they were a threat because they were always aligned together. They may not have had won an HOH yet, but I believe they’ve got one coming. I knew early on that they were going to start winning and weren’t going to turn on each other, or Beth – that’s what made them big targets.

Rohan: Yeah, and from my perspective, competition wins aren’t everything. I don’t think those wins make someone a threat. A lot of people in there thought they were threats because they’ve got six-packs and biceps, but for me, I saw two very smooth talkers. At the end of the day, they were able to get people to do things that they wanted to get done. They got Victoria to put up Austin and Breydon by telling her that she could be in an alliance with them. They were never going to stay true to that. If that was me, I would have known that…and they did try with me. It’s all phoney and they get people to do things but at the end of that day, you have to respect that.

Victoria, you were the only one dressed up during the eviction. Tera was in comp gear. Were you told by the houseguests that you’d be evicted?

Victoria: Yes, I was well aware that I was walking out of those doors. I knew the night before, so I wanted to look good! 

You did! Why don’t you think your house meeting swayed any of the votes?

Victoria: I guess their mind was just made up. I did do that [house meeting] in order to stay, but I think they just played me. They wanted me out. I was a big threat in the game and that was the move that Beth wanted to make. There was nothing that I could do to change their mind.

Victoria, looking back at your Invisible HOH, do you regret not putting Beth or the guys up?

Victoria: Absolutely! Absolutely. It was a big mistake. I didn’t know what was going on with Austin. She didn’t make me feel safe with her. I thought I was aligning nicely with the boys and Beth. I thought it would be a good way to prove my loyalty to them, but it bit me in the ass!

Rohan, were you surprised to learn that Victoria was the Invisible HOH?

Rohan: Yeah, I originally had Victoria as a possible option for the Invisible HOH. I had it between Beth, Tychon and Victoria. I eventually narrowed it down between Tychon and Vic. I then thought it was Tychon because when Austin and Breydon were put on the block, I thought there was absolutely no way that Victoria would put them up because Austin and Breydon were never going to put Victoria up. Then through conversation, Victoria put it all on Tychon. But then to find out later in the week that it was her, I was absolutely shocked. 

Up until that point, I didn’t know where Victoria stood. I didn’t know she was in an alliance with Jed, Beth and Tychon – which I find out now is true. She was trying to make a big move for that side…They told her she was going to be in an alliance with them, even though I don’t think that was true. I didn’t know if Victoria were to win the following HOH, if she’d put me on the block because she put up her supposed allies. I was tough for me to understand, but I get it now.

Who would you have put up if you were the Invisible HOH?

Rohan: Jedson and Tychon. [Laughs] Obviously, the numbers are there if they both go up, one of them for sure goes home. 

It was such an inclusive season. How do you both feel being part of something so progressive?

Victoria: Amazing. I’m so happy to be part of this season! It was everything that I imagined and more.

Rohan: Same thing for me. I knew going into this season there was an attempt to make this 50% BIPOC and we had the most diverse crowd in there. It was a great group of people. Great looking group of people as well. At the end of the day, knowing that the winner of Big Brother Canada season 9 is going to be a woman or a person of colour is incredible.

Victoria, you overheard Latoya and the guys talking about you while you were waiting for the diary room. Why didn’t you confront them and make a bigger scene?

Victoria: I knew they were talking about me, but I couldn’t exactly pick up what they were saying. It was for that reason that I didn’t really want to get into it. I just wanted them to know that I knew they were talking shit!

What was the most shocking moment or twist this season so far?

Victoria: Definitely the Invisible HOH for me! Something like that has never been done before so to win that is pretty iconic. I thought I was going to be able to remain invisible. I didn’t think I was going to be able to tell people it was me. I feel that might have messed my game up. But it’s crazy that I got that opportunity. 

Rohan: Both the Invisible HOH and the Teams twist were it for me. I thought they were great twists and I enjoyed watching them play out, however they did affect my game and those two twists are the reason that I’m here now. It messed up my strategy. But, if I’m at home watching this on my couch, I’d love to see the Teams twist and the Invisible HOH twist.

Who do you think will turn on each other first?

Victoria: I don’t know! I think that Jed, Beth and Ty will turn on Kiefer!

Rohan: I agree! I think that Jed, Beth and Ty will turn on Kiefer. I wish that Kiefer had made some different decisions with respect to getting one of those three out. He got Kyle out. He got me out. Honestly, I was never really coming after Kiefer. I was truthful when I told him that I wasn’t going to put him on the block! Those three are going to turn on him. Tina and Tera are just sitting ducks. I think they are each an ideal candidate to sit next to in the final two. That was my goal. I would have wanted to sit next to one of them to make sure that I would win this thing. Breydon is kind of alone at this point. He’s got a tough road ahead. I really hope he wins an HOH and pulls off a big move. But he can’t turn on anybody. He’s got good relationships everywhere.

Who do you think will win?

Victoria: I think Jed is going to win.

Rohan: If I were to vote right now, the resume that Kiefer has could help him win this game, but I don’t know if he’s going to make it that far. He got the HOHs, took out my closest ally, got me out, got a Veto to take himself off the block, and is playing all sides of the house! But who do I want to win? I want Breydon to win this game. I want to see him win an HOH, make a big move and take himself to the final two. He could definitely convince me to vote for him.

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