Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Roberto Lopez

roberto lopez big brother canada exit interview

Roberto Lopez, the 30-year-old gym manager, from Toronto, Ontario, was the second houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother Canada house this season. Roberto spoke to us about why Zach was threatened by him and how he controlled Dan’s HOH. Check out his responses below. Zach has since walked out of the house.  

Did you originally see Zach as an ally? How surprised were you when you found out that he played a role in your back door?

Initially, I did see him as someone that would kind of have my best interest, however, I was always suspicious of him. I always that if there was going to be someone to turn on me in the game, it might have been him.

But I wanted to ride out hisreign of the HOH [when the time came]as long as possible to see how far that could get me. And if that time came when he did turn on me, I was hoping he would at least give me the chance to play in the POV.

Dan was HOH this time, but did you feel it was really Zach’s HOH?

I think Dan was quite heavily influenced by the rule of Mr. Zach there!

Why do you think Zach was so threatened by you? Was it just about being a physical threat?

I think the reason why he was so threatened by me was that I think he got the sense that I didn’t quite fully buy into his master plans all the time. He knew I was a smart guy, and he knew I was really good socially, so I think that intimidated him as well.

I got close to the people that he got close to and if the situation came [where I was the HOH]and then have them tell me “Just take care of those people [meaning put them up]and you’ll be okay,” I wasn’t going to allow that. It’s not how I wanted to play the game.

By getting close to the same people that he was, I think that he felt like I was stepping on his toes, and he made the decision to get me out of there.

I think that in my final speech, I was really trying to get people to wake up and see what was actually going on. Maybe because of that Zach could lay low for a little bit and if they were smart, they would target him right away and they would target the people around him right away. Because as influential as you are, or as strong and fit as you are in the Big Brother Canada house, the strength is in the numbers, right? So, what they have to do now is really fish out those big influences and those big threats out. Maybe target two of them at the same time, so that one has to leave.

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