Soap Spoilers: Adam’s alive on Y&R, Chloe plots to kill Carly on DAYS and ATWT’s Molly, you in DANGER girl!


For the week of May 31, 2010:

All My Children (ABC/A)
Colby asks Tad for help. Jack frantically searches for Erica. Tad does his best to make Damon feel part of the family. Jesse tries to help Madison. Brot has nightmares of his time in Iraq. JR discovers Annie stealing a vase. Marissa looks to her dad for advice. Erica begins having hallucinations. Madison and Ryan get closer. Marissa issues Annie a warning. Ryan questions Greenlee about the scandal. Greenlee faints. Caleb is concealing information from Erica. Scott looks for revenge. Liza hires an exotic dancer to manipulate Damon and Colby. Annie invites Scott to move in with him. Colby tries to make up with Liza.
* Due to Memorial Day in the United States, AMC will air a repeat of the 40th Anniversary on Monday.
* Canadian viewers can also catch up on AMC online at

As the World Turns (CBS/Global)
Noah encounters Luke for the first time since the accident. Eliza’s christening day arrives. Vienna tells Katie that she slept with Casey but isn’t really pregnant. Emily goes to see Meg in the hospital. Nancy helps Katie deal with her feelings for Brad. Chris’ feelings for Katie are revealed. Lily invites Holden and Molly over for dinner. Lily has a party for Gabriel. Jack investigates the incident at Monte Carlo. Evidence is destroyed. Molly ends up in trouble.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV)
Oliver tells Steffy that he’s in love with Hope. Pam and Stephen discuss their kiss. Hope asks Eric and Stephanie if she can have her graduation party at their house. Oliver persuades his friend, Daddy Yankee to perform at Hope’s grad party. Brooke tells Steffy to stay away from Oliver. Bridget eavesdrops on Owen’s confession to Jackie about knowing the paternity of the baby. Nick and Aggie return from their business trip. Stephanie and Brooke exchange warnings. Brooke reminds Steffy that she is not welcome at Hope’s party. Steffy tells Marcus that she plans on crashing the party anyway. Guests to Hope’s party are given masquerade attire. Daddy Yankee performs. Nick shares details from his past with Aggie while Aggie credits him for giving her a future. Shocking events transpire at the party.
* Canadian viewers can also catch up on B&B online at

Days of our Lives (NBC/Global)
Chloe rejects Vivian’s offer but later gives in. Brady accidentally reveals Victor’s recent marriage to Caroline and is upset. EJ thinks Nicole has something to do with the attacks. Hope comes to a realization. Carly threatens to tell Daniel about Chloe’s secret. Daniel talks to Maggie about his future. Stephanie turns to Adrienne for advice. Chloe panics but calls Vivian to set their plan into action. Ciara sees her mother embracing Dr. Baker. Chloe has second thoughts. Shane and Rafe plan their escape. Stephanie comes clean with Nathan and tells him that she might be pregnant.
* Due to the French open on Friday, Canada’s ‘Day Ahead’ episode will not air on Thursday but will return on Friday. In the U.S., the show doesn’t air on Friday but will return the following Monday.
* Canadian viewers can also catch up on DAYS online at

General Hospital (ABC/A)
Jason feels guilty about not being able to protect Michael. Claire overhears Sonny’s intentions to Olivia. Jason asks Sam to marry him since they can’t be together in prison. Kristina has a nightmare about Kiefer. Alexis asks Sonny to go therapy with Kristina. Luke tries to free himself and Tracy. Edward invites Brooke Lynn to live in the Quatermaine mansion. Nik informs Liz that he can give his kids a better life. Jason issues Dante an ultimatum. Sonny loses it at the therapy session.
* Due to Memorial Day in the United States, GH will re-air the episode where Michael convinces to Claudia’s murder.

One Life to Live (ABC/SunTV)
Markko is arrested for Ford’s attempted murder. Todd has someone watching Hannah’s every move. Starr defends her father. Bo and Nora hit a few bumps on their wedding day. Gigi and Rex return home. David returns and surprises Bo and Rex. Destiny gives Dani an ultimatum. Destiny issues Danielle an ultimatum. Foxy Roxy’s catches fire. Nora’s wedding day begins to improve. Dani tries to share her feelings with Matthew.
* Due to Memorial Day in the United States, OLTL will air a repeat.

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)
Victor confronts Victoria about her wedding to Billy. Emily asks for help. Patty is questioned about Adam and Hightower. Now that he suspects Adam may still be alive, he pulls out all the stops to find him. Cane receives Lily’s will. Victoria and Billy run into trouble. Paul reaches out to Patty for help regarding the DEA’s case against Emily, will she tell him about giving away Emily’s pad to her brother Jamie? Jana has a meeting with a loan officer. Phyllis looks for Sharon. Sharon’s condition may be fatal. Heather finds a bomb. A waitress named Meggie could help Victor in his search for Adam.
* Canadian viewers can also catch up on Y&R online at


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