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BB11 Update: Chima’s speech, a Tragic Past and Ronnie is caught

I was so upset when Big Brother 11’s premiere night ended with previous contestant Jessie not only coming back into the house but winning HoH. I seriously thought that this season was already going to be a flop…luckily, I was wrong as the drama intensified within a week.

Chima delivered what host Julie Chen called it “the most memorable last plea speech” in Big Brother history…she was right…however, CBS had to censor most of it. For those who haven’t found a transcript, here’s the full speech that Chima delivered on the Thursday, July 16th episode where she and Braden were up on the block:

 “It amazes me how short some of the memory spans in here are, because my opponent here called both of my very good friends in the house ‘beaners’. And he even called Julia a whore. Yes he did. And, so, a vote for Braden is a vote for a bigot. Anyone who aligns himself with a racist and misogynist – you deserve to go home.”

So there you heave it…sure we all knew Braden had called fellow houseguests Lydia and Kevin “beaners” but the Julie being a whore comment was a total shock. FYI, Braden…sure Lydia is Latina, but how many times did Kevin have to mention that he was Black and Asian, a “Brasian” and not a Mexican?

Shockingly, the house was divided with 5 votes to keep Chima and 5 votes to keep Braden, so HoH Jessie had to cast the final vote, sending Braden home and into the hot seat with Julie, not only on the live show, but on CBS’s The Early Show the very next day.

As for Chima, she revealed her  tragic past to the houseguests over the weekend. Turns out that she was the final victim of the Texas “Bathtub Rapist”. Here’s the full report…pretty scary stuff. Like a horror flick. Of course Lydia insists that the story was purely a ploy to garner sympathy.

So the big news coming off the live feed this morning is that the crooked little teletubbie Ronnie has finally been caught! Ronnie’s been orchestrating all the drama in the past week by pinning Jeff, Jordan, Casey, Laura and Michele against Jessie, Russell, Natalie, Lydia and Kevin. It all started with Ronnie going back on his “plan” with Jeff & co. that he was going to backdoor Russell once Jeff took himself off the block after winning the PoV. Jordan was the first to snap at him when he toyed with the idea of putting up Casey instead. Realizing that she’d be on to him, he decided to put her up against Laura.

The rest of the houseguest all realized what Ronnie was up to (including Russell) and they finally confronted him. So the plan in the house is to evict Laura and they are all apologetic about it. Ronnie’s locked himself in the HoH room while the houseguests have decided that Michele and Chima should throw the next HoH competition so that Ronnie can be backdoored.

Check out a clip from last night’s fight:


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