Soap Spoilers: Sonny shoots his son on GH, Carly hits the bottle on ATWT and the new Tucker debuts on Y&R – Plus Videos!


For the week of Monday, January 25th 2010:

All My Children (ABC/A)
Jesse becomes skeptical of Damon while Annie is surprised by Adam’s latest actions. Greenlee dreams of being with Ryan. Randi has doubts about Madison’s intentions. Damon becomes the prime suspect when Pine Valley’s crime spree continues. Tad misleads Liza. Adam continues to keep his control over Colby. Greenlee realizes that David is not telling her everything (gee…ya think?). Liza dukes it out with Adam. Colby makes a surprising discovery. Greenlee makes it her mission to find Ryan. Ryan tells Erica that it’s time to face her fears on where they are going as a couple.
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As The World Turns (CBS/Global)
Carly starts drinking again when she loses Jack. Reid gets into a car accident with Kim and is placed in lockup (thanks to Luke). Bob intercedes with the police and allows Reid to go back to work at the hospital. Noah goes into surgery. Liberty thinks that her illness is the only reason why Jack came back. Susan learns of Alison and Mick’s friendship from Barbara. Tom is less than enthusiastic when Casey tells him that he wants to become a lawyer. Carly convinces Craig to revive Monte Carlo, he agrees – but only if she stops drinking. Liberty skips out on her treatments. When Carly finds out that Liberty can’t go to design school, she offers her a job. Janet later tells Carly to stay out of her life. Molly and Holden get the dirt on Damien. Meg breaks out of the psych ward and surprises Damian in his bed. Damian convinces Lily to leave town with him. Holden and Damien face off. Paul finds a picture of James in Mick’s room.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/A)
Hope and Steffy bond. Oliver tells Sandy (his sister) that he’s back in LA. Ridge makes a statement about the Logans. Whip invites Taylor for a romantic dinner. Steffy questions Katie about her true intentions. Hope later confronts Steffy. Stephanie tells Ridge about what Taylor’s been up to in hopes of luring him away from Brooke and back to Taylor. Nick and Sandy take new steps to find her rapist. Graham sets up a photoshoot with Hope in his apartment. Ridge and Taylor speculate about why Katie is out to get Steffy. Brooke lashes out at Stephanie for interfering in her marriage. Taylor tries to figure out why Katie is pushing Steffy out of the company.
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Days of our Lives (NBC/Global)
Brady questions EJ. Vivian asks Melanie about her family. Hope and Bo run into each other. Anna realizes that Sydney has a fever. Sami tries to apology to Rafe. Arianna finds out from Roman that she has to go back to jail. Hope makes a mysterious phone call. Sami is devastated to learn that Rafe hasn’t made any new leads. Brady worries about Arianna. Hope accepts the end of her marriage. Vivian realizes that Melanie is Carly’s daughter. Melanie makes it clear that she loves Philip and not Nathan. Rafe finds EJ comforting Sami. Stefano is not thrilled to see Sami and EJ bonding.
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General Hospital (ABC/A)
Lucky tears into Nikolas and Elizabeth. Michael tells Sonny that Dominic is an undercover cop. Sonny worries that Maxie will crack under Mac’s questioning. Lisa operates on Mike after he is attacked. Dominic tells Olivia that Sonny is about to be arrested. Sonny thinks Dominic’s undercover work is a lie but Rayner gives the order to arrest Sonny. Jason becomes suspicious about Dominic but Spinelli finally gives him the proof. Josslyn’s christening begins. Dominic and Sonny’s confrontation takes a tragic turn when Sonny shoots Dominic and then learns that Dominic is his son, Dante.

One Life to Live (ABC/SunTV)
Blair tells Ford that she’s on to him and to stay away from Langston. Nora tells Kim and Clint that Jessica has been kidnapped. Danielle refuses to have any contact with Todd. Brody gets a lead on Jessica’s whereabouts. Charlie vows to kill Mitch. Stacy’s attempt to get closer to Rex is interrupted. Schuyler forces Stacy to make him the baby’s guardian. John and Brody’s plan takes an unexpected turn. Dorian sees Stacy as the key to destroying Mitch.

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)
Katherine disowns Jill. Victor offers Billy an opportunity. Adam offers to share Newman secrets with Tucker. Lauren finds clippings of Sheila – in Eden’s desk! Victor and Jack square off. Jana sees a new side of Ryder. Tucker reveals his plans for Chancellor Industries. Emily has a surprise for Jack. JT and Mac grow closer. Lily receives news. Adam and Victor have a public disagreement. Stephen Nichols (ex-Patch, DAYS; ex-Stefan, GH) debuts as the new Tucker McCall on Tuesday, Jan. 26th, 2010.
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