Soap Spoilers: Steffy blackmails Brooke on B&B, Nicole learns the truth about EJ on DAYS and Kristina’s caught in the carbomb on GH



Scott makes Caleb an offer for Cortdlandt Electronics. Tad makes it official by signing Damon’s adoption papers. Erica makes a shocking revelation. Damon sneaks a kiss from Liza. David promises Greenlee they will reclaim their mansion. Erica tells Bianca and Jack that she is giving up Fusion to Greenlee. Frankie invites Madison to live with him and Randi. Angie decides to hold off telling Jesse about her condition. JR tells Marissa he needs alone time at the cottage. Greenlee is concerned about her marriage. Angie becomes disoriented. Annie and JR try to manipulate Caleb. Damon tells Colby he can’t go to New York with her. Jesse is suspended. Jack questions Erica about Caleb.

* AMC will air a repeat on Monday which features Zach turning the tables on Greenlee and Kendall making a tough decision. This episode originally aired on April 14, 2010.

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Barbara wakes up in a warehouse full of party favours and candy. Tension abounds at Henry and Vienna’s wedding. Gabriel tries to win cash at a high-stakes power game. Katie catches Vienna’s bouquet. Lucinda gets involved in Lily’s negotiations for the perfume factory. Antony Blackthorne (Billy Warlock) arrives and meets with Craig. Parker and Faith’s relationship heats up. Chris gets the opportunity to work on the relief effort in Haiti, but asks Katie to give him a reason to stay. Craig falls into Lucinda’s trap. Jack is forced to arrest Gabriel. Jack decides to move Janet and Liberty into the cottage. Vienna gets exactly what she wants. Paul receives a postcard from Barbara. Will and Gwen return with Hallie and visit with Paul in Old Town. Barbara tries to escape the warehouse.



Bridget tries to save her marriage. Ridge makes a confession. Steffy has a list of demands for Oliver and Brooke. Steffy berates and threatens Hope. Nick shares his feelings with Bridget. Steffy pressures Oliver and Brooke. Hope receives unexpected advice. Nick issues Jackie a warning. Hope becomes suspicious about Oliver’s new attitude and later makes a heartbreaking decision. Ridge wants answers from Brooke. Bridget crosses the line with Owen during an emotional confession. Brooke makes a public statement about her future.
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EJ tells Nicole that he has the proof he needs to bring her down. EJ and Arianna prepare for her hearing. Will and Gabie share a moment. Kimberly and Shane make a decision. Will overhears the truth about Madeline’s past. Bo is concerned about Hope’s strange behaviour. Nicole enlists Dr. Baker’s help to get rid of EJ. Jennifer gives Carly some advice. Stefano makes a discovery. Adrienne catches Hope and Justin in a compromising position. Chad and Will get into a brawl. Vivian visits Chloe and tries to find a way to get rid of both Chloe and Carly. Philip’s behaviour makes Stephanie suspicious. Nicole searches the DiMera mansion to look for evidence and learns that EJ was behind Sydney’s kidnapping. Carly promises to keep Chloe’s secret if she agrees to get a paternity test. Caroline gets upset at Maggie and Victor. Melanie tells Philip that Chloe is pregnant. Nicole tells EJ that she knows about the role he played in Sydney’s kidnapping.
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Kristina gets caught in the car bomb blast that Sonny had planned for Johnny and is rushed to the hospital. Michael suspects that Sonny is responsible. Franco reveals himself to Maxie. Sonny lies to Alexis. Patrick is unfaithful. Dante tries to find out what 66 roses mean. Lucky and Maxie share a kiss. Liz witnesses Maxie and Lucky’s kiss. Spinelli has to make a big decision. Olivia and Johnny have one last goodbye. Dante and Lulu get steamy. Alexis warns Sonny to use birth control after she sees him with Claire. Robin surpries a guilt-ridden Patrick. Steve becomes suspicious about a tryst between Lisa and Patrick. Jax and Josslyn are approached by Franco. Franco also sets up shop at the old Lockland Mansion and continues to work on his masterpiece.

* GH will air a repeat on Monday which will feature Sonny finding out that Dante is his son after he shoots him. This episode originally aired on January 29, 2010.

* The show will move to Citytv in Canada this fall.



Jessica and Brody discuss their mutual indiscretions. Blair hesitates following Eli’s proposal. Nate and Todd bring James to the hospital after he is shot in the barn. Todd must choose between Starr and Dani. David has advice for Matthew. Starr and Cole come face to face. Hannah tries to make a deal. Rex searches for leads on Bennett Thompson for Kelly. Tea comes clean to Dani about her diagnosis. Eli tries to find out who really pushed Marty. Dani cannot deal with Tea’s prognosis and takes off. Eli forces Hannah to be tight-lipped about what she knows abotu Marty and Ford. Dani comes back to the hospital and embraces her mother.

* OLTL will air a repeat on Monday which will feature John preventing Natalie from leaving for London and Jessica telling Brody that her memory has returned. This episode originally aired on May 24, 2010.



After getting thrown out of Katherine’s party, Abby has new plans for her Restless Style cover. Mac says goodbye to the twins. Billy has a plan for Adam. DA Pomerantz tells Paul that Patty confessed and knew details about Hightower’s death which were never released. Lily is positive that the birth of her children will help put her on the road to recovery. Adam joins Nick in jail. Victor and Paul ask Emily to help Patty. Sharon is set up. Mac’s admission stuns JT. Chloe continues her spying. Billy pulls a fast one over on Abby. Paul fights to prove Patty is innocent. Mac begins to deal with post partum depression. Ronan catches Chloe. Skye returns to help Adam.
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