Soap Spoilers: Did Brenda have Dante’s baby on GH? Jennifer returns to DAYS, Thomas kisses Brooke on B&B and more!


Ryan realizes that David tried to set him up for his murder. Asher tells Colby that Caleb knows he’s his son. Caleb confides in Erica that he thinks Asher was only keeping his secret so he could use it against him. JR gets under Caleb’s skin. JR teases and taunts Caleb. Ryan lets Greenlee go with him to visit Pearson. Zach overhears Kendall telling Ryan and Greenlee that she will help them get out of town. Asher tells Colby that he’s still full of anger. Eric urges Caleb not to give up on Asher. Ryan and Greenlee are offered to use Erica’s private plane to usher them out of Pine Valley. Caleb informs Marissa that she should get herself a new lawyer. Asher thinks JR is just using him. Ryan and Greenlee grow closer. Madison agrees to go on a date with Logan. Jesse has some questions for Kendall and Zach. Natalia surprises Brot with a kiss. Colby tells Damon about her kiss with Asher. Caleb is livid as he watches Asher make accusations on live TV. Zach decides to help Ryan. Erica tells Caleb that she has booked him on a flight to Washington.
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Taylor shares her concerns about Brooke working with Thomas with her husband. Oliver thinks his relationship with Hope may not be over after all. Brooke agrees to go along with Thomas’ publicity stunt. The crowd is stunned when Thomas kisses Brooke. Dayzee visits Stephanie and is offered a job at Forrester Creations. Thomas tells Taylor the reasons behind his actions. Brooke panics when Ridge doubts her innocence. Thomas defends Brooke. Ridge receives advice from Stephanie about how to handle things with Brooke. Stephanie questions Brooke about what happened and keeps her from seeing Ridge. Hope tells Thomas that she’s sorry she took the spotlight from his line, but she disagrees with him causing trouble for Brooke and Ridge. Brooke is visited by an unexpected person. Thomas refuses to apologize to Ridge. Hope tells Oliver she’s been thinking about their kiss and wants to be friends. Amber makes amends with Oliver.
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Vivian is rescued from the sarcophagus. Kate tells Melanie that Chloe lies about everything. Justin plays a video of Arianna, who discuses her will. Chad talks to Will about the birth certificate which lists Stefano as his father. Nicole goes through Arianna’s belongings to find the truth. Maggie panics in the sarcophagus. Roman announces there’s a new witness in Arianna’s hit-and-run case. Chloe suddenly goes into labor. Melanie is forced to play delivery nurse for Chloe. Rafe pledges his commitment to his future with Sami. Nicole watches Sami’s full confession on Arianna’s camera. Marco brings EJ bad news. Victor and Brady discover Gus has escaped.  Sami attacks Nicole and they fight. Brady asks Rafe if Sami shot EJ. Melanie helps Chloe give birth just as Daniel and Philip arrive. Stephanie puts her plans on hold. Jennifer returns to Salem to take care of Alice’s estate. Kate warns Chad about Stefano’s dark side. Warden Jane realizes that she needs to keep Hope isolated. Rafe asks Nicole what she wants in exchange for her silence. Bo recruits Carly for his plan to help Hope.
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Carly continues to push Spinelli for more evidence of Brenda’s past. Patrick tries to comfort Robin in the aftermath of the fire. Patrick tells Robin that she has an infection. Lisa makes a persuasive argument to Nikolas of her innocence. Brenda tells Jason the truth. Lulu confronts Dante about his past with Brenda. Luke convinces Tracy to run away with him to Las Vegas. Lucky is able to free Siobhan. Alexis gives Claire some advice. Olivia is stunned to catch Johnny conspiring with Carly. Luke, Tracy, Ethan and Maya wake up in Vegas with no memory of the night before. Lucky is surprised when he sees Siobhan packing for Ireland. Dante and Jason worry about the future. Brenda sympathizes with Spinelli over his love life. Robin has a nightmare. Lisa is exonerated for the fire. Sonny breaks things off with Claire (again). Dante reveals to Michael that he lied to Lulu about Brenda. Brenda and Dante meet in secret to discuss their past (the baby?!). Jason vows to keep Brenda’s secret. Lisa goes to the board for Robin’s termination. Lisa tries to lure Patrick to Jake’s.

Dorian gathers the Cramer women for an intervention. Kelly confesses to having a little crush on Rex. Rex orders Echo to come clean. Todd advises Nora to keep a close eye on Inez.  Cole is sentenced to jail for Eli’s murder. Layla and Cristion reunite in Paris. Dorian hires Kelly a trainer. A vengeful Marty tells John about Natalie’s secret. John questions Natalie. Markko leaves Llanview to return to UCLA. Layla chooses her career over her love for Cristian. Inez and Nate are stunned to find Eddie staying with Ford and James.  Todd and Tea host a back-from-the-dead party. Echo is warned to keep quiet by Clint. Gigi, Kelly and Starr all lock lips with the wrong men. Marty bumps into John and Natlalie at the party. Langston and Ford decide to try having a real relationship. Kelly confides in Rex. Viki forces Echo to admit that she is Rex’s mother. James rebuffs Starr’s advances.

Heather wonders what Ronan is hiding. Nick reevaluates his priorities. Gloria causes trouble for Jeff and Kevin. Adam and Skye fight. Once Nick and Phyllis’ divorce is final, Nick and Sharon have sex. Phyllis becomes Daisy’s new ally. Abby comes to a decision about her relationship with Daniel. Kevin and Chloe and an encounter with the police. Billy vows to protect Delia. Daisy’s manipulations might work on Jana. Blake gets friendly with Cane’s family.  Diane and Jack are trapped together. The new D.A. has a plan for Heather.
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