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Soap Recap: B&B’s Catfight, Anna’s back on GH and more

For the week ending February 17, 2012


Hope and Steffy’s chocolate fountain catfight!

Steffy turns to her mother for comfort as Ridge informs Hope and Liam that Steffy did not sign the annulment, therefore they cannot get married right away. Taylor receives a chocolate fountain for Valentine’s Day from Thorne, who we don’t get to see. Hope confronts Steffy and they fight, throwing the melted chocolate on each other from Taylor’s fountain.

Ridge suggests to Steffy that she move on with her life – as long as it’s not Bill. Rick thwarts Ridge’s attempts to edge Eric off the design team. Rick tells his aunt Katie that he’s got a plan to get Steffy out of Liam’s life so that he can be with Hope.

Rick joins the lingerie department of Forrester (or the “Intimate Collection” as they call it) so that he can work closer with Steffy. Rick later ensures that Steffy overhears him talking about her positively to Marcus. Hope meets with two young girls who look up to her holy ways. Rick then “seduces” Steffy and convinces her to sign the annulment papers so that she can move on with her life. Rick quickly presents the papers to Hope and Liam, but did Steffy actually sign the papers?

Coming Up: Steffy turns the tables on Rick and Bill tries to reach out to Liam.


Election drama


Madison confirms to Brady that she’s married to Ian. Madison tries to go after a hurt Brady, but Ian grabs her and informs her that she’s not going anywhere. The next day, Ian drops by to visit Kate and it’s insinuated that they share a romantic past. Kate warns Ian not to make any advances or he’ll have to deal with Stefano’s wrath.

After seeing Carrie and Austin kissing at the square, Abigail runs off and confesses to Melanie that the older man she’s been lusting after is Austin…as in Carrie’s Austin. Austin and Carrie head back to their hotel room, but Carrie pulls away when they are about to make love. The next day, Abigail lashes out at Austin while Sami and Carrie face off. Sami wants Carrie to admit that she has feelings for Rafe, but Carrie tells her that she doesn’t. Austin return in time to break up their fight and take’s Carrie’s side.
Will tells EJ that he confronted his mother about their affair. John assures Marlena that Stefano cannot hurt them as they are stronger than ever. Jennifer tells Abe that a poll worker wanted to skew the results so that Abe can win.

Jack finds his daughter in tears and Abigail confesses that it’s because of a guy. Carrie and Austin also arrive and Carrie reaches out to Abigail and asks her what the problem is. Abigail tells Carrie about the guy who blew her off while Austin panics that Abigail will tell Carrie that he’s the loser she’s talking about.

Jennifer is a bit hurt when Jack tells her that Abigail is confiding in Carrie. Madison tries to apologize to Brady but he lashes out at her for letting him fall in love with a married woman. Victor introduces Maggie and Brady to the new CEO of Titan: Ian. Brady and Ian face off as Maggie and Victor learn that Ian is Madison’s husband. Victor resends his offer to Ian. Ian later runs into Kate and pulls her into a kiss.

Jennifer tells the poll worker not to tamper with the ballot box as Abe wants to win fair and square. The DiMera’s await election results and are livid when it’s announced that Abe Carver has won. Nicole promises EJ that she has a plan. Abe and Lexie celebrate the election results, until she finds out that Abe fed EJ the wrong debate questions. Lexie accuses Abe of becoming just like her father and brother. Things get worse for the couple as Nicole arrives and informs them that the ballot box was tampered with. Roman later interrupts Abe and Lexie to tell them that Abe needs to come to the station for questioning.

Bo, Hope, Marlena and John prepare to head to Alamainia (seriously) and are informed that the visas for Bo and Marlena have been declined, meaning that John and Hope have to go alone. Stefana finally opens up Alice’s envelope (which contains a secret about him) and breaks down in tears.

Coming Up: Abigail wants to make Austin jealous, Marlena exposes Sami’s lie and Will tries to come out to Marlena.



It’s actually getting good!


Sam convinces Jason to go to the hospital to get checked out. Patrick intestigates and concludes that Jason is inoperable. Shawn tutors Michael and later asks Carly to go to the pulmonary ball with him. Maxie told Monica that Liz stole drugs for Lucky back in the fall – resulting in Monica suspending Liz from the hospital. Liz was later asked to the ball by both Ewan and Shawn-Douglas Matt. Carly gets turned on by Johnny after she overhears him give Michael some good advice.

Patrick and Emma surprise Robin with a big Valentine’s Day present: Anna! Anna agrees to watch Emma when Robin and Patrick go back to the hospital to work on a cure for Jason’s condition.

Matt breaks up with Maxie after he finds out what happened with Liz’s job. Steve and Olivia decide to go to the ball together while Steve later informs Maggie that the Chief of Staff at their former hospital is reopening some investigation.

Jason finally tells Carly that Sam is pregnant – she takes it surprisingly well. Jason and Sam watch the mysterious DVD that Franco sent…its hospital footage from the time Jason was a baby.

Dante believes that the charity event that Sonny is throwing is just an alibi for him. Delores goes to Johnny for information about the stripper murders. TJ arrives at the lakehouse, surprising Molly with a party. Maxie visits with Robin in the lab and accidently let’s some gas leak.

Most of Port Charles gathers at the Metro Court for Sonny’s Pulmonary Research Benefit Ball. When Sonny attempts to make an emotional speech on Dante’s behalf, a drunken Johnny tries to outbid him. Sonny accuses Johnny of being jealous of his son and later announces to everyone that Claudia wasn’t his sister, but his mother. Carly and Kate are upset with Sonny for revealing Johnny’s shameful secret. Liz faces off with Maxie after Matt informs her that it’s Maxie’s fault she got suspended at the hospital. Sonny and Dante argue in the parking garage as a gloved hand aims a gun at them. Patrick goes to find Robin the lab and passes out because of the gas.
Coming Up: Starr Manning comes to Port Charles, Anna makes an important phone call and will Robin “die”? L


Adam is visited by Hope


Cane, Lily and their loved ones arrive in France for their second wedding. Genevieve also arrives and looks on in tears and Cane and Lily re-marry.

Kevin realizes he needs to stay married to Angelina in order to protect Chloe and Delia. Michael, Lauren, Eden and Gloria worry about Kevin. Delia has her birthday party with Chloe, Billy, Victoria, Esther, Nikki, Katherine and Murphy. Nikki gives Victor’s present: a saddle so that she can ride the real Pinkerton.

Victor plans a romantic evening for Nikki and promises her that he has nothing to do with Chelsea and Anita being in town. The next morning, Nikki finds Anita’s earring and realizes that Victor was lying. She tries to contact Victor, but he’s off to Franco to try to win back Beauty of Nature for Laura Genevieve.

Billy and Victoria kiss which makes Chelsea clutch her stomach. Billy and Victoria later feel the baby kick. Nikki confronts Anita about the earring while Paul tells Billy and Victoria about Chelsea and her mother’s rap sheet.

Jack tells Ashley he wants to see what legal action he can take against Genevieve since he told her how much he was bidding for Beauty of Nature. Jack later meets a tough physical therapist named Sarge – who is Darnell Williams from All My Children.

Adam convinces Sharon to go back to Faith. Adam goes to visit Hope’s grave and is later visited by her spirit. Nick brings Faith to see Sharon at the airport in Kansas and Sharon realizes she wants to stay and help Adam. Adam tells Hope that he can deal with his blindness alone and doesn’t need any help. Hope tells Adam that he’s not alone as Sharon returns.

Coming Up: Adam and Sharon make love, Phyllis confronts her father and Ashley offers Cane a job.


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