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Welcome to the inaugural
edition of MSN at the Movies! You love
movies? So do we, We’re putting together a fun blog post on which will give you
the scoop on the films hitting theatres, what you’ll find on demand and which
classics will air on TV this weekend.



In theatres

Three of this
week’s releases all made their debut at TIFF earlier this month, which is great
because we have additional content surrounding Don Jon, Rush and Enough Said.

The film with the
biggest buzz is Doentern Jon starring
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a “typical”
Italian-American whose life consists of family, working out, girls and pornography. Gordon-Levitt, who also
wrote and directed the film. While you’d think that a film project by an actor
who has appeared in a number of recent hits including The Dark Knight Rises and Looper
would be considered as a safe bet to invest on, think again. JGL revealed
in a roundtable
that his film was labelled as “risky,” but some
Hollywood suits, so he had to work with a more modest budget. Also in our
feature, Gordon-Levitt awarded credit to his co-star Scarlett Johansson for incorporating some female input to the film.

In honour of Don Jon, we’re also taking a look at
some of the top 10 womanizers in film, check that one out here.


If you were a
90s kid, this will blow your mind: Don
is an Angels in the Outfield reunion!
Tony Danza, who plays JGL’s pop in
this flick, also starred with him in the baseball flick.


We’ve also got a
bunch of features for Rush. In
addition to an interview with Daniel
, who plays Niki Lauda in
the Ron Howard film, we’ve also got an interview with the actual race car pro! Our interview with Bruhl is here
(he also chats about another biopic he’s starring in, The Fifth Estate, which is due in theatres next month) and our chat
with Lauda (which took place during F1 in Montreal) is here.
The film depicts the 1970s-era rivalry between Lauda and James Hunt, so we’re
taking a look at some of the other big rivalries in film, check that out here.
Audiences love racing movies, here’s


Enough Said, one of James Gandolfini’s final projects gets a wide release this weekend
and we’ve got an interview
with writer-director Nicole Holofcener.
The film also stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus
as Eva, a masseuse and divorced single mother who is dealing with her daughter’s
upcoming departure for college. She meets Albert (Gandolfini), the ex of her friend/client
played by Catherine Keener. Toni Collette, who returned to TV this
past week with Hostages also stars.
Production had wrapped just before Gandolfini’s passing, so unfortunately, he
wasn’t able to see the finished product. Sadly, other stars have suffered the
same fate and we took a look at some other final

Something for
the kids: Cloudy with a Chance of
Meatballs 2
! The directors told
us that they’re “staying true”
to the tone of the original. We all love
food, so here’s a look at some of the most
memorable movie eating scenes


At home

Iron Man 3 is out but if you’re not in the mood of
re-watching that one just yet, you might want to check out The Kings of Summer. The coming-of-age flick focuses on a kid (Nick Robinson) building a house in the
woods and inviting his friends – it features a stellar supporting cast
including Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally and Alison Brie. Find out what else is available on DVD and Blur-ray here.



got the first Austin Powers tonight
at 10 p.m. ET, while W is airing the Sandra
Bullock/Bradley Cooper
box office bomb All
About Steve
(tonight at 9 p.m. ET). Critics were hard on this film when it
was released in theatres back in 2009, but the scene where she falls into the
giant hole was quite funny. If you’re looking for a critically acclaimed B.
Coop movie, you can watch Silver Linings
at 9 p.m. ET on The Movie Network. On Saturday, W is airing No Strings Attached at 9 p.m. ET while
TLN is offering the Drew Barrymore classic
Never Been Kissed (also at 9 p.m.
ET). For dudes, TeleToon’s got Dodgeball at
9 p.m. ET. Over on The Movie Network, they’ve got The Hobbit at 6 p.m. For Sunday, who are we kidding? Nothing will
compete with the Breaking Bad finale.


Which film will you be seeing in theatres
this weekend? What will you be renting/streaming? Let us know in the comments!

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