Survivor Recap: It’s Gang Up on John Day!


survivor recap actions vs accusations

After last week’s laughably awful lie provided by Val, what could honestly happen next

Rocker’s loose lips completely outed his alliance at the reward challenge when Jeremy warned the women of Coyopa that the men were taking over and they were the next to go if they hadn’t realized it. Then to save some face with Jeremy, John told everyone that he was aligned with Val and tried to get all the guys to save her and it didn’t work.

No John!!! Have you never watched Survivor before? Well apparently, John was approached to play this season and had absolutely no interest in playing, but somehow someone at CBS managed to get him to the beach. Clearly he has no clue that you need to keep intel to yourself and let NO ONE really know what’s going on in your head, but nope John laid all his cards (and his alliance’s) on the table.

Wes defeated his father Keith and gave his tribe their first win of the season. He sent Josh to Exile Island to hopefully click with his father. Please Survivor gods, let Josh find the clue for the hidden immunity idol and figure out that John may have it in his possession.

Jeremy took his frustration out after their loss and plotted a plan to get John voted out. He told his tribe everything he knew about John and pretty much wants to sour the whole cast on John in the hopes of getting him voted out. Jeremy told his tribe about John’s past and now EVERYONE hated John.

Here’s the thing: I do not excuse the things that John said in the past, but the thing is, what John said in an interview LAST CENTURY should have absolutely no bearing on the game. Did John saying anything racist to you? Did he say anything homophobic to you? No. So why should remarks he made 15 years ago get him sent home? It shouldn’t. I understand people getting riled up about the comments he made, but there’s really no reason you should be grabbing pitches forks and storming the castle to kill the monster.

The only person that should be upset is Jeremy. While Val sent herself home, Jeremy doesn’t know the whole story and him being upset at John is completely valid. But trying to sour the minds of his teammates based on remarks he made last millennium is pretty pathetic. Sure, it’s gameplay, but it’s not a choice I would make. Then again, as I pointed out last week, Jeremy isn’t emotionally strong to play this game.

At the immunity challenge, it came down the final shot and Hunapu won for the third straight time, but not with out some trash talk from Natalie. She told John’s tribe to band together and vote him out because he’s a racist and a bigot. John’s tribe stood behind him and told the Hunapu tribe that it didn’t matter what John did, he was apart of their tribe and it didn’t matter. But nope, Natalie kept digging and digging and John sadly took the bait and wanted to fight Natalie. Hunapu called John classy for his remarks. Well done pot for calling the kettle black. What did you think was going to happen if you poked a bear?

Either way, Coyopa was sent back to tribal and it was a toss up between voting out John or Baylor. John was trying to backdoor Baylor, while Josh was thinking about sending John home. While I’ve been saying the last two episodes that John was an option to vote out, I’ve made a complete 180. If this episode showed anything, it’s that John has no absolutely no idea how to play this game strategically. His attempt to backdoor Baylor was sloppy, him being honest with everyone about trying to save Val was ill-advised and telling Josh he had the idol was just plain stupid. Sure, John walked around camp half-cocked and ready to shot off his mouth, but that’s exactly the reason you need to keep him around to have him as this massive target for you to hide comfortably around.

At tribal council, John was sitting with his idol in his pocket and was sent home by his alliance… well not Dale. He had no clue that everyone had flipped on John and opted to save Baylor.

With John gone, I’m betting at the reward challenge Natalie and Jeremy will be patting themselves on the back getting John voted out. And to be honest, as a game player you should be proud, but as a human being, you should be ashamed of yourselves. How would you feel if people broadcasted something about your past that got you sent home? If only this was The Amazing Race. Karma would come back to bit them hard. Ah well.


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