Big Brother Exit Interview: Jeff Weldon


jeff weldon big brother interview

Jeff Weldon, the Account Executive from Tampa, Florida was the latest houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother house. We chat with Jeff about if Austin’s jealousy hurt his game and who he would like to see go up against Shelli and her alliance.

Now that you know about the twin twist, how do you feel about Liz and Julia?

Honestly, my suspicions were that I always knew that they were twins. I had a pretty good idea but it wasn’t until Da’Vonne brought it to my intention. I didn’t think that it would impact my game. I was working on Liz pretty well and I thought that we were building a pretty solid relationship in the house. I didn’t think that it was going to impact me in a negative way.

Did Austin’s jealousy towards you and Liz hurt your game?

I just think that’s what it really boiled down to at the end of the day. Austin was a little bit possessive of anyone talking to Liz. That did hurt my game a little bit.

You and Austin were quite close yet he helped send you home. How do you feel about it?

You know what, I feel like that’s a part of the game that I signed up for. Unfortunately, Austin secretly wanted me gone. He made it clear that he has no loyalty to anyone when he sent Jase packing and they were best friends in the house. Austin and I aren’t on the same level of friendship as him and Jace, so if he was willing to do that to Jace, then he was willing to do the same to me.

Looking back, do you regret the way you and Jackie kept your distance?

I don’t regret Jackie and I keeping our distance. I think that it was solid game play. The only thing that I do regret is not pushing Jackie to try and start to form her own alliance. I would have done the same and we could have watched over each other’s backs the entire game and then merge at some point.

Where do you think the power lies in the house? Is it with Clay and Shelli or someone else?

Yes, as of right now, it seems that Clay and Shelli are running things more so than anyone. It’s Shelli’s game at this point and I think that her alliance is going to be running stuff for awhile, until everyone else musters up some courage and tries to take stab at them. I’d really like to see Johnny, Jason, Meg or Jackie start to turn their backs on Vanessa, Austin, Clay and Shelli.

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