Exclusive: Lost Girl cast and crew discuss season premiere and preview final season

lost girl kenzi back final season

lost girl kenzi back final season

Spoiler Alert! This article discusses a big spoiler from the fifth season premiere of Lost Girl. Continue at your own risk.

lost girl final season

The first part of Lost Girl’s fifth season premiere saw Bo (Anna Silk) travel to Valhalla to save Kenzi (Kesenia Solo)! Yes, Kenzi’s back!

“Bo would move heaven and earth to get her back and to find out what happened to her and make sure that she’s okay,” said Silk while on location at Toronto’s Royal York hotel earlier this year. “She does find her but it might not be the reunion that we need… We don’t know yet,” Silk continued about the twist that saw Kenzi return from Valhalla to her body, located in her casket.

Rachel Skarsten, who plays Tamsin, revealed that Tamsin always knew that she was going to see Kenzi again, but it was just a matter of time. “I think that since my character bridges both the real of now and the afterlife, she always knew that she was going to see Kenzi again. Perhaps not in this life, but in the next since it’s Tamsin’s last life. She was destined to go back there [and see her].”

With Solo’s return as Kenzi, executive producer Vanessa Piazza says that it’ll be a really exciting season as the show will explore the dynamics between existing characters, those who could be coming back as well as new characters. Piazza also adds that a big theme this season will be family: “Last year, there were obviously a lot of big losses and a lot of characters were separated but this season you’ll see a lot of them coming back together as a group.

Michael Grassi, another exectuvite producer on the series and who also wrote the season premiere adds that they’re really excited for the search for Bo’s father, “We’ll get some answers as to who Bo’s dad is.”

Piazza continues that the show will also have some great cases of the week: “We’ve got some really fun ones with the gang going undercover. Some of the characters, who have never worked together before, get to work together ! There’s going to be some new dynamics within the group and new characters that we are going to introduce this season.” “Some new exciting faces for sure,” adds Grassi as Showcase has announced a slew of guest stars that are lined up for the final season, which include Eric Roberts (Suits), Luke Bilyk (Degrassi), Noam Jenkins (Rookie Blue), Shanice Banton (Degrassi) and former MuchMusic VJ Amanda Walsh.

“What’s really fun about this show is that it’s a very character driven drama but we also get to do really fun, exciting and often scary cases. So, while you’re on a case, you still have all the character beats play out over an investigation, which is really exciting,” continues Grassi.

kenzi lost girl

In addition to Kenzi’s return, Bo’s father and the cases of the week, fans can also look forward to seeing a new side of Skarsten’s Tamsim. “We’ll learn about her past and what it means to be a Valkyrie, which we haven’t really done,” says Grassi.

Premiering in 2010, Lost Girl is in good company with the all the other Canadian genre shows with female leads produced in Canada (they include Continuum, Defiance and Orphan Black). “It’s great,” says Piazza. “It’s awesome to see the way that television is going. We’re always happy for the success of other shows in Canada as well. Seeing them do well not only in Canada but receive international acclaim is also great. As a female, I think that’s the one thing I can be proud of on Lost Girl is that it empowers women. Everything about it, from our cast, crew and the way we run our production and the stories that we tell… From the directors and the writers that we hire, we really send a good message of equality.”

“It’s really important to us to keep our Fae world of none judgment and openness, says Grassi. “It starts with our lead, the succubus Bo, and how open she is to different kinds of love and it’s such an important theme that resonates throughout the show.”

Piazza attributes a large part of the show’s success to its fan base which keeps the writers working hard. “They know everything that is going on and they’ll call you on it. I think that our writing team is amazing and they do so much amazing research and some much goes into these episodes. When you have a fan base like ours, you’re put up to a higher standard.”

Consistence in storytelling is key and Grassi adds that “You have to make sure that the stuff that has happened in seasons one and two still follow through all the way to season five. It’s important for us.

With the show heading off into its final season, Grassi insists that they’re having a lot of fun. “Some stuff that may have gone quiet (in terms of story) in seasons two or three, we want to try to bring that back. Season five is all about our characters interacting and clashes as well as romance.”

The first half of Lost Girl’s final season continues each Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase until its midseason January 25.

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